Shadow State: NXIVM’s War Against the Truth

By Shadow State 1958

NXIVM has been waging a War against the Truth for two decades.
In the Spirit of the Christmas season, I have held my fire for the last month. No More!

About a month ago on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, some NXIVM troll posted Allison Mack’s California address in the Comments section of the Frank Report in the vain hope of provoking an incident. Upon seeing the post, I emailed Frank Parlato asking him to take the post down which he did promptly.

Here is a copy of the post listing Mack’s address sans address:
AnonymousNovember 23, 2018 at 7:14 am

To check messages, I recommend that you ask the people probably involved. No moniker in a blog!

Here is the address of Ms. Mack: Ms. Allison C. Mack. Don’t bother asking for Mack’s address. Only the DOJ needs to know that information. Shadow State

Here is a copy of the message I emailed Frank Parlato:

Frank: This morning some idiot posted this under the name Anonymous The only people who need to know this info are in the DOJ. I suspect it is a NXIVM troll trying to create another incident. Please remove. Thank you.

Shadow State

The next day, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, this comment was posted on the Frank Report by someone purporting to be Nicki Clyne.
Nicky Clyne

November 25, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Ok… I admit it, bitches. I posted Allison’s address. It was all part of a scheme to frame Shadow/Frank/Thomas and have his stalking ass thrown in jail.

I’m the real Nicky, or Nicki, or Clicky , or whoever. I can verify that with a picture, which I will send to Frank, and then I will post on my private Instagram to verify that.

Indeed, on this date Nicki Clyne changed the profile picture on her private account.

“Nicki Clyne as Clicky Nine has a new Instagram profile picture. Clicky Nine’s Instagram account is private. That may be a good idea since it was Nicki Clyne’s pictures on her Instagram account in her own name that alerted me to the fact that she [and probably Raniere] was in Puerto Vallarta – a fact which I published about a month prior to Raniere’s arrest.” 

Frank Parlato’s comment on Nicki’s new profile picture.

Nicki’s new profile picture with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

And here is Nicki’s old profile picture which I have been told was taken at a gas station near Knox Woods.

Let’s look at  the key part of Nicki’s comment:

It was all part of a scheme to frame Shadow/Frank/Thomas and have his stalking ass thrown in jail.

Here, we finally have a member of NXIVM admitting that they frame people.

Did Nicki Clyne post this comment? If she did, I will give her credit for being honest and confessing to the scheme. It’s not easy to be honest after living in NXIVM’s culture that honors duplicity and lies. Maybe there’s some hope for Nicki Clyne yet, especially if she drops the notion of slaves and masters.

Since Nicki is as poor as a church mouse, she is judgment proof. Only stupid, greedy people like Clare Bronfman sue for the hell of it. 

Let’s look at the rest of the message purporting to come Nicki Clyne.
 “Ok…I admit it, bitches.”

I believe this is how NXIVM slaves were addressed by their masters: As “bad ass warrior  bitches”    

Nicki projects an image of a goofy, pixie-like young woman. I believe the truth is more complex.

Watch the Frank Parlato-provided video where Raniere is arrested in Mexico. Allison Mack is dazed and confused.      

Nicki Clyne is cool, calm, collected and in control.                                                                                                                                                                         Smallville’s Allison Mack chases car carrying sex cult leader – Daily Mail

Smallville’s Allison Mack chases car carrying sex cult leader – Daily Mail Smallville actress Allison Mack chases car carrying Nxivm sex cult leader Keith Raniere in Mexico. He is accused…

Maybe there is some hope for Nicki Clyne to rebuild a somewhat normal life after NXIVM.

But will John Tighe be able to rebuild his life after years in prison on trumped up charges?

How about Rick Ross who faced 14 years of litigation for calling NXIVM a cult?

How about Joe O’Hara who was arrested twice on bogus charges and eventually moved out of New York State?

How about Frank Parlato who has faced his own legal problems involving NXIVM?

How about Jim Odato who left his job at the Albany Times-Union over his NXIVM stories?

As for the female victims of NXIVM, they are too numerous to mention, but I will mention Toni Natale,

Raniere’s ex-girlfriend was sued for having the courage to leave the creep.

I will also mention Sarah Edmondson, whom Clare Bronfman tried to frame with the Vancouver Police.

Catherine Oxenberg who spent years trying to pull her daughter out of the cult.

Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones also merit mention as victims of NXIVM.

And what about the physical and psychological damage to the dozens of women branded and treated as slaves?

Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Smallville’s Allison Mack chases car carrying sex cult leader – Daily MailSmallville’s Allison Mack chases car carrying sex cult leader – Daily Mail

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  • I don’t know ? who is crazier Nxivm members or the crazies leaving comments on Christmas Day today. Oops I am on that list.

  • Not forgetting the families who lost loved ones. This time of the year must be especially difficult for them. I hope they will see justice one day.

  • Or maybe you don’t know shit about anything. You hate Allison so much that you have to post her address to allow stalkers to try to harm her and her parents, you attacked Allison’s fans who did nothing to you and why would you even joke about her having an illness.

    As far i’m concern you need to be gone you’re wild obsession for Allison is creepy.

    Let me ask you this why don’t you think Allison won’t turn on NXIVM?

    Number 2 you know nothing about Allison?

    What sucessful marriage? It’s just a fake marriage Allison wasn’t really happy about anything in her life she was forced to do this marriage by Keith.

    So tell me Shadow who are those sources you’ev been talking to?

    you’re full of shit

    merry Christmas and seek some help

    Frank please fire him.

    • If you’re such a concerned fan why did you fail to tell her that branding women is an asinine idea?
      Why did you fail to tell Ms. Mack that operating a sex trafficking ring is illegal under Federal Law?
      And the main threat to Allison Mack’s family comes from Mack herself who falsely claimed that her 4 year old nephew was molested.

      Allison Mack’s collateral revealed: give up home, unborn children to Raniere; destroy parents & nephews for Raniere
      According to FBI Special Agent Lever,
      Mack’s collateral was described as:
      (1) a letter regarding Mack’s mother and father that would “destroy their character”

      (2) a contract that transferred custody of any children birthed by Mack to Raniere, if Mack broke her commitment to Raniere

      (3) a contract that transferred ownership of Mack’s home if the commitment to Raniere was broken

      (4) a letter addressed to social services alleging abuse to Mack ‘s nephews.

      As a NXIVM troll are you smarter than the FBI?

      You NXIVM trolls lie morning, noon and night.
      And your leader Clare Bronfman uses her financial resources and clout to try to send innocent people to prison.
      People like John Tighe and Sarah Edmondson.

      Take your “concerns” and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

  • Oh Shadow we know you leaked Allison’s address for sure.

    So as far i know you still should be fired from Frank Report and no you have no proof of anything just like your so-called Allison Mack theory of being a pedo.

    • Oh Shadow we know you leaked Allison’s address for sure.

      Detective John Kimble???
      A character from the movie “Kindergarten Cop.”
      Kindergarten Cop
      Arnold Schwarzenegger as Detective John Kimble

      Who told you that “for sure”?
      Der Fuehrer Keith Raniere and his Eva Braun Allison Mack?
      Or Il Duce Alex Bertancourt and his mistress Emiliano Salinas?

      You are another NXIVM troll who doesn’t know your butt from a hole in the ground.
      No more tolerance for NXIVM lies and liars.

      When are you going to apologize to John Tighe for framing him?
      When are you going to apologize to all the other victims of NXIVM lies?

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