Niagara Barrister: Govt. filings suggest Betancourt will be indicted

By Niagara Barrister

The U.S. government’s memorandum of law filed 2018/12/28 as document 256 defines mentions an, evidently, never before named, heretofore unindicted co-conspirator (“CC”) in Mexico. [Ibid at p.12, pageid 1901.]

The memorandum substitutes numerous times “CC” for the true name of the legal representative of Nxivm Mexico. [Ibid at p.14, page id 1903.]

This may be the first mention of an international co-conspirator among the prosecution’s pleadings of record.

The memorandum includes an email sent by Mexican attorney, Mr. Ruiz Duran, on October 11, 2017, six days before the New York Times published its reporting on DOS, directing Jane Doe 8 to “[s]top, abstain and refrain from incurring in any type of intimidation, acts of nuisance or disturbances against” CC, legal representative of Nxivm Mexico, “and/or any person with any sort of relation to the Company referred herein.”

Footnote 12 mentions CC while noting Jane Doe 8 was not involved in Nxivm Mexico and did not have any significant interaction with the unnamed party.

Significance can be found here because this may demonstrate a progressive effort by the government to bring a cross-border context to the government’s case in future pleadings.

Turning to web archives, the full letter used by the government’s Dec. 28 memorandum of law was published on this past October 12, 2017. Such letter was sent from the “PGJ Mexico D.F.” (Sensibly, a Mexico City municipal prosecutor’s office) bearing the signature of one Lic. Fernando José Gómez, State Attorney Agent.

Herein we learn the true identity of CC when the PGJ letter named one ALEJANDRO BETANCOURT LEDESMA as the legal representative of ‘NXIVM MEXICO S.A DE C.V.’ whilst threatening Nxivm-related parties consequences of arrest and detention in Mexico.

My reading of the government’s Dec. 28 memorandum indicates this man ALEJANDRO BETANCOURT LEDESMA to be the unindicted co-conspirator defined by the government’s memorandum of law filed this 2018/12/28 past.

With the historical progression of events in this Nxivm case, it may be reasonable to consider Mr. Betancourt would not retain his “unindicted” status much longer.

Alex Betancourt was told he was Benito Mussolini in his last life by Keith Raniere. There was only one way he could avoid the sad fate that Benito experienced. He must listen and do everything Keith Raniere told him to do. 

Alejandro Betancourt – in his last life – as Benito Mussolini.

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