Kristin Kreuk’s New Year’s Day Message: ‘I always felt like a shitty person for severing toxic relationships’ — and one reader’s ‘toxic’ observations

Kristin Kreuk offered an Instagram message on New Year’s Day for her fans and followers. Here is what Kreuk had to say:

“Happy New Year, all! I hope 2019 brings closeness, love, success, challenge and ease. I always felt like a shitty person for severing toxic relationships in my life. At 36, I (finally) do not. Baby steps. Ha.

So, the first thing up this year is the Canadian premiere of season 2 of Burden of Truth. And these lovely pics of a (very super extra) glam me! I don’t do many fashion shoots these days, so they feel extra fancy. Thanks to @beyondfashionmagazine for thinking of me and our show?; I will never be this ? in reality. (please note that when reading the article, the word “exotic” should be in quotes– in 1999, this was considered an acceptable way to describe a non-white person)”

Now here is how this message impressed one of our readers.

By Anonymous

Kristin, you’re still too much of a coward to talk about NXIVM.

What toxic relationships did you sever Kristin?

You did not leave NXIVM in 2013. You knew years ago that Keith Raniere was a pedophile and rapist. You did not care. That makes you an extremely shitty person.

You recruited Allison Mack into the cult and did and said absolutely nothing when the branding story broke. You were happy to use your d-list fame to help build up the cult, but refused to use it to draw attention to their crimes.

Instead, you portrayed yourself as the savior of teen girls and a girl born to pedophile rape on a taxpayer-funded television show. That makes you a shitty person.

You have attached yourself to a documentary about a rape victim while ignoring NXIVM. That makes you a shitty person.

You signed an open letter against a man accused of bad behavior against women while ignoring NXIVM, as if you are morally better than him. That makes you a shitty person.

Frank Parlato was the only media person calling you out and you continued and still continue to be a coward. You took zero opportunity to do the right thing as long as your fame and money privileges were protected. That makes you a shitty person.

Now you are saying you don’t even care. That makes you an extremely shitty person.

You are not a victim of NXIVM. You were a willing perpetrator and enabler. You were a big part of it. You don’t get to call anyone toxic when you are a toxic person yourself. If you consider them toxic to you, then you were toxic to them and others. You are no different.

If you had spoken out against NXIVM, perhaps DOS would never have existed. Perhaps all those women would not be branded above their pussies with the initials of a bitch you recruited and a pedophile you followed.

And you don’t care?


Is this fair commentary? Is Kristin Kreuk a coward for not speaking up against the hundreds of women who were abused by Keith Raniere and the woman she recruited into Nxivm – Allison Mack?

Or does she have the right to leave the cult quietly? Move on – even tackle less dangerous issues, less personal.

Can she atone for the harm she did to others by her support of Nxivm by addressing women’s issues unrelated to Nxivm?

In short can Kristin Kreuk escape her past?

Kristin Kreuk chose to share a picture of herself, along with her New Year’s Day message of female empowerment and how to be more politically correct.

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  • There is a real double standard with KK by some people here. So she should have known NXIVM was a cult when she joined because it had been in the papers? So shouldn’t that also apply to everyone else who joined? How come they’re poor innocent victims?
    She got others involved so they’re victims and she’s responsible? But she was recruited by someone else. Doesn’t that make her a victim? She’s criticised for not speaking out and she should have known because it had been in the papers? So what exactly could she have said? “This is a cult and it’s bad”. “What evidence do you have to say that?” “Well, I read it in the papers”.
    And claims are repeated again and again with no evidence, like the claim she was involved long after she said she left, with zero evidence. Or he claim that because she was on Necker when money laundering was discussed she “must have known”. The idea that a large group on a retreat can separate and have different private discussions is apparently dismissed without a thought. The claim she was “named” in O’Hara’s lawsuit when most people take “named” to mean listed as one of the defendants (and even that is no proof of guilt) when she was actually named once in a long long list of people who “might” have done stuff that “could” have been illegal, and O’Hara not making a single accusation about her. (O’Hara actually supports the theory she knew nothing about the money laundering. His account says those discussions happened “away from eavesdroppers” on Necker, implying a private meeting away from everyone else and only the top money people of NXIVM involved)
    We’ll find out what happened in the trail(s). If she’s guilty then she should be prosecuted. Until then I guess some here will just carry on making wild claims with no evidence just because they hated Lana or something.

  • What “toxic” relationships could Kristin have had?
    With Mark Hildreth? NXIVM? Keith Raniere? Nancy Salzman? Ally Wack? Angry Canadian?
    Take your pick—doesn’t have to be sexual…

  • Despite KK being listed as Mack’s “recruiter” maybe it isn’t really true, according to Wiki: “In 2006, actress Kristin Kreuk became involved with NXIVM, and Salzman and her daughter Lauren went to Vancouver to recruit Kreuk’s Smallville costar Allison Mack. The younger Salzman (herself a junior NXIVM leader) bonded with Mack and the latter became involved.”

  • She is wearing real animal fur in that picture.

    In the comments:

    “caprice_zombieIt’s extremely sad and disappointing that you’d agree to wear real fur. It’s 2019 and the cruelty of the fur industry is pretty much common knowledge. How can anyone support such a disgusting industry? They make their money by torturing animals to make clothing that isn’t necessary for anyone and that only rich people can afford.”

    “lucymezahebel@mskristinlkreuk is that real fur ?. ..if it is, it would be heartbreaking.”

    alissa_marzot@lucymezahebel I am wondering the same ?

    alissa_marzot@caprice_zombie I am really hoping it’s not real! ?? I am scrolling through comments to see if anyone else cared and I’m glad there’s a few of us! It’s a gorgeous photo and I hope hope hope it’s faux fur.

    lucymezahebel@alissa_marzot I’m glad because is something so cruel that is.a.good thing that people wonder about it.

    caprice_zombie@alissa_marzot it is real unfortunately. If you look at the credits underneath the photo it links to the Instagram of the company that made it. I assumed it was fake at first too because most people these days don’t support such an awful I industry. I made sure to double check before I posted my comment


    Kreuk said:

    “mskristinlkreuk@caprice_zombie you are absolutely right! I made an assumption that it was fake. I will not do that again. Thank you for calling me out.”.

    But she keeps the photo up? ? Quick to respond to that but not women getting ouchies and booboos from NXIVM. ?

  • I hope 2019 brings an indictment with Kristin Crook’s name on it.

    I can use the word exotic with or without quotes, in 2019.

    If Crook did not leave NXIVM in 2013, when did she leave, and what is your evidence?

    What is your evidence that Crook “…knew years ago that Keith Raniere was a pedophile and rapist?” Information being on the internets is very weak evidence that she knew, as those involved in MLM scams are encouraged to stay off of the internets, especially regarding the company they are involved with. I know this from my Amway experience.

    Do you also blame Mrs. Hitler when she gave birth to little baby Adolf?

    Crook did put out a statement shortly after the DOS story broke.

    I think Crook should be punished IF the evidence is present, I just haven’t seen anything compelling yet. Color me reasonable.

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