The Obama-Clinton Administration Behind Syria Debacle

By Tom Fitton

This week the media assumed their usual posture of hysteria over President Trump’s decision to withdraw our troops from Syria. Of course, I suspect they would have reacted the same way had he decided to send more troops there.

Ironically, the anti-Trump media gave Judicial Watch a chance to highlight the truth about the corrupt role of the Obama-Clinton administration in fostering war and terrorism in Syria on the heels of their Libya mess.

In 2015, we published some of the most important documents we have ever uncovered, and I don’t say that lightly. These documents show that Obama was well aware that arms were going to the conflict in Syria — out of Benghazi. They also show that the Obama administration, including then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were warned about the rise of ISIS. And, they were supporting terrorists in the internecine warfare in Syria.

This was a Defense Intelligence Agency report. And you know who ran the DIA then: General Michael Flynn. No wonder Obama didn’t like him. No wonder he was pushed out and ultimately prosecuted.

This mess was created by the Obama administration, and it led to massive refugee flows. The reason we’re in Syria is that Obama and Clinton allowed the destruction of Libya. They turned Libya over to the terrorists, and it became a funnel for terrorists to enter into the Syrian conflict. And that led to the rise of ISIS. It’s for exposing this that I believe Flynn has been on the Obama naughty list.

The truth will ultimately out.

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