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More on Kristin Kreuk from Frank Report and Saratoga in Decline

A reader offered the following:

A comment from a former Girls By Design member from a Frank Report article:


April 17, 2018 at 4:37 am

“I was a part of GBD in 2008 when I was 17 years old. Kristin Kreuk would have girls fill out questionnaires (usually open ended questions about your experience as a teen) on Facebook, and Kendra [Voth] would contact us privately if we said something that interested her. Here’s one thing I do remember– it seemed Kristen and Kendra were more interested in recruiting girls much younger in age than me, closer to middle school. I ended up leaving GBD because of that. I also remember them both posting numerous vlogs on youtube.

“I do remember at one point Kendra was much more interactive with having one on one’s with individual girls than KK was. I remember thinking that perhaps GBD was Kendra’s thing and KK was there to generate attention (at least she didn’t seem to want to get her hands dirty).

“Not sure if that information is useful, but I wanted to put it out there.”


Here is Kristin Kook’s public lie that Girls By Design had nothing to do with NXIVM when people started correctly expressing concern. Note how she mentions the College Project, Juicy Peach and Acapella Innovations. The fact that at least one teen girl was recruited into NXIVM by Kristin Kook from Girls By Design and later became a branded sex slave is disgusting.

“Hi All,

“We have been reading up on the latest news and concerns from many of you in regards to what GBD is all about and what our intent with the company is. We really appreciate that you share our concerns in regards to the safely of teens. Please know that GBD is not affiliated with NXIVM or the Executive Success Programs. GBD is also not a part of 10C (the college project), A cappella Innovations or Juicy Peach.

“GBD has been an independent project in the works since it was a budding idea many years ago when Kristin came to face many challenges as a young woman in her career. This project is something that we are both very proud of and invested in. Our mission is clearly stated on our coming soon page; we want to create a place where all teen girls can come together to explore, express and create (projects) and realize their potential together.

“We have found very few supportive safe places online for girls to interact and participate. It’s our goal to have a cool, fun environment where teen girls go to spend time with friends, make new friends, get involved in projects, and proudly share their accomplishments with their family and friends.

“The financial model will be a traditional internet model with no membership fees and accessible to all :).

“We both sincerely hope this clears up any concerns you may have.

“Kristin and Kendra”


The above quote was copied and pasted from a Saratoga in Decline blog post from August 2011.

Read through the comments and you will find a familiar and very annoying commentator [Sultan of Six] you have seen on Frank Report…

Sultan of Six [not his actual photo] has been defending Kristin Kreuk since at least 2011.


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  • I worked with Kristin Kreuk for ten years on the set of Smallville. Without any doubt at all I know Kristin is as guilty as Allison if not more. Kristin knowingly started Girls By Design with the help and guidance of the sex cult leader. Kristin and Allison openly discussed DOS and the branding of women right around the same time she(Kristin) started up her child recruiting pimpshow,Girls by design. I know,I was there. And so were a whole lot of other discusted crew members working on the T.V. show. Why has the American authorities not investigated this matter where it happened,up in Vancouver B.C. Canada? If they did,Kristin would not only throw her friend and exslave Allison Mack under the bus but she too would be going to jail. Absolutely for sure. Why does the FBI only want half of the truth?

  • This is time barred and barely related to the current case. You might be able to connect her to DOS and the brandings if she knew of them and if they existed back in the day. What is the point of this. There is some bigger fish to fry right now. You were unable to connect her to any of the mayor crimes over the last 12 month or so.
    At least be so honest and tell the readers the only reason you have for putting her up three days a week. She is the only (ex)-member of the cult that has a carreer going. Unlike the other actors and musicians, she is still in business.

    • Kristin has been constantly attacked with no evidence and here say….probably by the same folks that attacked her on Smallville websites 17 years ago…..sad.

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