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OCD: Keith would try for insanity defense

By Orange County Dreams [OCD]

I am in the minority here:

Keith wants out of the prison system, badly. If his attorneys told him he had a good chance of beating the charges by pleading insanity, I think he would do it, “reputation” be damned. I believe that his remaining followers would “understand” that he had been forced to raise this defense to answer false charges (persecution) against him.

I don’t believe Clare Bronfman would ever, ever desert him. If he were acquitted, she could have more of him to herself (due to a smaller, if any, organization), and he would be even more dependent on her largess.

If he is acquitted, while he could never again be the Vanguard he once was, he could live in the lap of luxury (courtesy of Clare), without having to work for a living. This has been his goal all along; hence his get rich quick schemes such as MLMs, gambling, and commodities trading.

Pussy? I’m sure he could still get some. If acquitted, he might attract groupies based on his notoriety.

Power? He could satisfy his obsessive need for power and domination through countless civil suits, including some for defamation.

Keith wants OUT, badly. He would do whatever it takes to once again sleep in late, order pizza with hot sauce, and have others foot the bills for his needs and comfort.

Fortunately, I doubt KR’s attorneys would ever suggest such a defense, as they would be laughed out of Court plus opening themselves up to a malpractice lawsuit. (Either way, if KR is convicted he will definitely sue them.

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  • OCD, I agree KAR hates being incarcerated and would, most likely, stop at nothing to get himself out and into the sunlight but mounting a not criminally responsible case comes with other consequences and he could find himself somewhere worse!

    I really think he’s arrogant enough to believe he’s going to be found not guilty and keeps fantasizing about that day. It could be that belief that keeps him going.

  • You could be right OCD, but wouldn’t he have to accept an insanity diagnosis from whomsoever? Isn’t there a catch 22 situation with someone claiming insanity for themselves ?

  • Great post, Orange. Keith may have been stockpiling for an insanity defense all along. He may think it easier for Clare to free him from a mental institution, that his life would be more comfortable there than in prison. I agree Clare will have less competition and more opportunity for KAR’s affections in a looney bin. Go for it, Aggie! As God is your witness!

    Aggie reminds me, anybody spot Heather Anne around, incognito? She would have appreciated this I think.

  • Unfortunately…. MR. Mouse he is
    …. as sure as the sun sets and rises. I bet any amount of money on it. Even John Wayne Gacy a gay serial killer had female admirers.

  • I wonder if Keith is getting any groupies sending letters to their new prison penpal?

    I remember there were a lot of teens/women writing loving letters and photos to the Parkland Shooter, Nik Cruz.

    Just curious.

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