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Festinger: Sultan – ‘You can’t know Kristin Kreuk’s character by watching her on television’

By Leon Festinger

I was left dumbfounded after reading Sultan’s rebuttal yesterday and needed some time to digest before replying. I know he has said, again, he has stopped reading the blog but I doubt he can do that.

The article containing comments he made years ago shows he can’t stop reading and defending. He has a ‘relationship’ with Kristin Kreuk; albeit it’s probably one-sided and does smack of unhealthy obsession.

Sultan writes:

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘deeper involvement’. If you mean she was a willful participant in bringing teen girls into NXIVM for the satisfaction of KAR’s [Keith Raniere’s] sexual proclivities, why should I “entertain” these thoughts if I don’t believe them to be congruous with what I know of her character?”

With what he knows of her character? You can’t know someone’s character by watching them on television or reading interviews, or following their social media accounts. That is the face presented to the world and not the true person. Sultan, you don’t know her and neither do I.

I am not saying, absolutely, Kreuk knew what was going on throughout NXIVM, but I am saying you can’t be 100 percent certain she did not. She was part of the organization for a number of years and the person she brought into the group rose to one of the top positions.

To your point about Gina Hutchinson being but one who was mesmerized and greatly influenced by KAR. She was not the only one. What about the successful people who joined, gave in their successful careers and paid for classes until the bank balance was zero and were then indebted to KAR and the gang? That doesn’t appear to be normal behavior.

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  • All these attacks on Kristin is baseless and basically slander. She has no part of the case, has never been connected with DOS, and will most likely live a fantastic and successful life. Kristin has been kind and great to her fans in public, and great in interviews. Unfortunately some folks from the Smalliville days will never forgive her for getting the female lead role. They will attack her for nothing, with unjustified hatred of her. Well, she has millions of fans all over the world…who believe her..and support her. We wish her well and support her future projects.

  • More and more I am thinking that the sultan is a member of Nxivm. His comments and posts only do more damage to KK’s reputation than good by his one sided argument. It only serves to bring out the objectivity in others. When called out on his other alias’s, he lies and denies in true Nxivm form (lying for the Nxivm cause is not lying). Besides anonymous and sultan of six he shows up I believe as, SOS, The Judge, Scarrom, So Salty, Karl Basset, Jesse, Seriously, La la Lad, and Wasabi Steak, and some others. Maybe this is Nxivm’s way of getting back at KK for leaving the cult.

    • Good point. I would also say the same for Shadowstate. He is constantly doing Raniere and Bronfman’s dirty work by always trying to pin everything on Allie Wack. Flowers and her fellow alt left NXIVM people are also constantly defending the feminist Kreuk.

    • It’s hard to know which posters have assumed many names but it’s clear there are some here who do assume different posting identities to either further their agenda or speak in a more vulgar tone.

  • Festinger
    He didn’t say he could be 100% sure she wasn’t involved in criminal activity. Why are you putting words in his mouth?

    He said that the people who accuse her can’t be positive of her guilt, but yet they continue to make presumptions about her and continue to drag her name thru the mud, based on unproven assumptions.There is no reliable evidence to even support these accusations that any girls had been recruited into DOS through GBD.

    As to his observation that Heidi is behaving in an illogical manner when she condemns Kruek but yet defends other ex-NXIVM members, I would have to agree with him – it is odd that she doesn’t even recognize the hypocrisy of her own actions.

  • The only trait KK has shown is that she is a fraud. She allows herself to be front and center for Acapella Innovation, College Project and Juicy Peach but not Nxivm. This was back in 2011 before the Times Union series came out. She must have known or at least suspected that there were “nefarious” things occurring. This gave her plausible deniability that she used in her 2018 statement. She might not be so stupid after all.

  • I know when I have a favorite actor or actress, I try to read and/or watch any interview they give on talk shows or web sites or magazines but I also know they we’re only seeing the face they want to give us. In this day and age, people always have their phones out recording fan encounters, but even then, the “star” realizes that someone is always watching. We can like them and admire them from afar, but we don’t actually know them.

    Perhaps Sultan of Six needs to admit that, even privately, then he/she can get on with their lives.

    • For some people (Sultan? Pea?) fantasy attachment is the most significant attachment they can manage. Real relationships are much too threatening but fantasy soothes and provides comfort as the fantasy world is magical and devoid of hardships, real life communication problems, intimacy and rejection.

      There will be always be people attracted to a site like this for those reasons. One can construct a perfect world no one else can puncture.

      • Double Anonymous that is a very astute observation and you may have hit the nail on the head. The next question is why does Flowers, of all people, jump to Sultan’s defense at every turn when she has been so quick to cut down and deride so many others posting here.

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