New Indications That Nancy Has Flipped – No Wonder She Doesn’t Want To Show Up In The Same Courtroom With Raniere

By K. R. Claviger

Much of what happens in the lead-up to a trial is full of nuance and subject to interpretation and speculation.

That is especially true when you’re dealing with a complex case like the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al.

But a pair of Orders that were recently issued by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis clearly suggests that Keith Raniere’s worst nightmare has come true: Nancy Salzman has flipped on the man she once called Vanguard!

The first Order concerned the judge’s approval of Nancy’s request that her “…bail conditions be modified to remove the current condition of home detention and to replace it with curfew”.

As a result of that ruling, Nancy will now be allowed to roam free every day from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM.

But the most interesting part of this situation is the notation in the letter-of-request for this change that was submitted to Judge Garaufis in which Nancy’s attorneys noted that it was being made “With the consent of the government and without objection of pre-trial service…”

In other words, the federal government – both the prosecution team and the Office of Probation and Pre-Trial Services – had consented to this request before it was submitted to the judge.

And just why would they do that, you ask?

Well, usually, having the prosecution and Probation and Pre-Trial Services consent in advance to this type of request is a strong indication that the defendant in question has become a cooperating witness and is being rewarded for her/his assistance.

To further buttress that interpretation, one need only look at the very next filing in the case – which is an Order by Judge Garaufis that permits Nancy to attend the next hearing in the case, on Wednesday, January 9th, via telephone in order to avoid “…jeopardizing her health”.

Huh, wait a second…

If Nancy is so ill that she can’t travel to Brooklyn, NY to attend what appears to be a critically important pre-trial conference in a case that could send her to federal prison for 20 years, then why does she need to be let out of home confinement so that she can roam around every day from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM?

Can you spell FUCKED?

Because, taken together, that’s what these two Orders mean for Vanguard – and, at a minimum, for Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack (It’s unlikely that Nancy is going to end up testifying against her daughter, Lauren – and it’s equally unlikely that the feds really consider Kathy Russell to be a major player in the Raniere/Bronfman criminal enterprise).

The final “proof is in the pudding” piece of this situation is related to Lauren Salzman’s ongoing approval to go to Nancy’s residence every day between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (Those visitation hours have been approved through February 8th).

If, in fact, Nancy is healthy enough to be out of her residence from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM every day, then why does Lauren need to go visit her during those same hours?

So, will Judge Garaufis revoke Lauren’s permission to go visit her dear old Mom every day now that Nancy is apparently capable of traveling about to everywhere except Brooklyn, NY?

Well, if he doesn’t, then that’s one more indication that Nancy has become a cooperating witness for the feds.

And, if he doesn’t revoke Lauren’s visitation privileges, it also suggests that Lauren may have decided to take the same road to freedom – or, at the very least, to a reduced term in federal prison – as Mom has.

So, Vanguard, other then the really shitty news that the woman who helped you create your evil empire is apparently ready to spill everything she knows about your criminal enterprise, how’s the rest of your day going?

Don’t bothering answering because we’ll have an update later this week about what’s going on with you at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

And it sure won’t be that bullshit that your not-in-the-loop-attorney, Paul DerOhannesian, is spewing to the Times Union.

BTW, is DerOhannesian the last guy in America to have a 1970s porn star mustache?

C’mon, Paul, you’re better than that. At least we hope you are…


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  • I’m extremely curious if she implicates Salinas, Betancourt and any of the Mexican elite? I’m not even sure the US Government would prosecute the son of the former Mexican president because of the risk of political fallout? Also, no idea if someone like Salinas would authorize violent measures toward her?

    These thoughts border on conspiracy theories but they’re questions one must ask or at least wonder about

  • There’s the ball game.
    It’s like a football game where it’s 35 to nothing and we’re at the two minute warning in the second half.

    And Keith, Clare and Allison can forget any plea deals.
    They’re off the table.
    Who would be left to prosecute?

  • Good analysis of the events.

    The questions remaining are: what information is she sharing, what’s its impact on the other defendants and possible new defendants and what assurances (deal) is she getting from the government for her and her daughter?

    There’s still a lot to be determined that the public has no privy to.

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