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More on Hi Caliber- and Knutilla: ‘Who’s caring for the 20-30 horses now?

Yesterday I posted an email from someone concerning the horse rescuer, Michelle Knutilla – and her HiCaliber Horse Rescure.
The individual compared Knutilla to Keith Raniere and the post seems to be going viral.
Today I got this message from someone calling themselves Silly Rabbit on Knutilla and HiCaliber:
“Can you break news on the 11 organizations investigating HiCaliber where their investigations are if active still — like the AG, IRS, Veterinary Board, and many more mentioned in Brad Racino’s article in Inewsource.
There is no follow up on whether the investigations are still active.
You could add 1000s of people to your following, by following up.
Thank you so much.
Also where are 20-30 horses Michelle adopted herself when she has zero money for their care? The eviction video shows the horses need baths, farrier care and vetting. Michelle used fundraiser for insurance on her vehicle and had $1500 left – that doesn’t go far with that many horses to care for.
She didn’t muck at HiCaliber, so who is caring for them? She doesn’t have $ unless she squirreled away donations.
Silly Rabbit
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