Horses - such as this one - were shot in the head by Michelle Knutilla - after raising money for the horse's rescue.

Laura Bell: Michelle Knutilla at HiCaliber killed over 200 healthy horses, while her cult-like followers enabled her

By Laura Bell

Michelle Knuttila Cochran, and the co-founder of the HiCaliber horse rescue, Romney Snyder (and other primary players at the rescue) are used as examples of the rescue racket throughout our book, “The Animal Rights War: Lost Souls and Ruined Lives.”

The last chapter is devoted to relating how they went from virtually unknown in rescue to very prominent through the use of manipulation, lies, illegal activities, and most importantly, under-regulated, virtually lawless social media platforms.

We use them as prime examples of scam-artists in rescue because we have thousands of pages of documentation that backs up everything we have written about them as factual. However, although we’ve never heard of any other rescue that has shot to death well over 200 healthy animals in just a few years, they are not alone with high levels of fraud, misrepresentation, false pretense, embezzlement, and having mentally abnormal, true believer, enabler-followers that go on the attack of anyone their gurus direct them to attack. We know of several rescues that hopefully soon will also be under investigation.

Another blog, “Hicaliber Horse Killers,” began covering their illegal activities of the past 5+ years beginning in September 2016, and also their illegal killing of horses via bullet to the head, complaints filed, etc.

Several people have been aware of their crimes, cruelty, and also the disappearing of hundreds, if not over a thousand horses that were supposed to be “safe in rescue” through the use of millions of dollars of donated funds.

Unfortunately, it took several years from the beginning of their criminal and cruel activities 5+ years ago for more people to wake up, and then it snowballed. I pray the killings and disappearing of innocent horses has stopped.

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  • I am as anti HC as they come. But, to use Laura Bell as a source. Eek! Pot, meet Kettle!

    • YIKES, Yikes, another cowardly hicaliber horse hater groupie enabler. Michelle sure has trained you poor dears well. LOL

      And why is anyone thinking I’m “the source”? I mean I do have thousands of pages of documented facts to back up my statements, but I’d never even read this blog before it was posted on a couple of anti-hicaliber and anti-alphamare pages. I made a factual comment using my own name and it was used as a blog post. I have no problem with that, but watching you cowardly ignorant, petty, small minded fools come out of the woodwork with your effortless lying about something you know nothing about (I pray you’re not raising children but you all probably are tragically enough) reminds me of why hicaliber got as far as they did over a period of 5 years with their hustle.

  • I have a great affinity for horses and I’m very interested in this story. Thanks for sharing. I will keep reading and doing some homework.

  • Laura Bell is hardly one to talk. She has a personal grudge against Romney and Michelle because Laura Bell herself used to run the same scam with Romney.
    Laura Bell was running kill buyer scams with Romney Snyder until Michelle busted her for neglecting and hoarding animals. Animal Control was involved with dispersing the animals at Laura Bell’s ranch, and we all know AC doesn’t move in easily.
    Romney took her scamming expertise straight to Michelle, and instead of scamming straight from the kill pen, they scammed straight from auction and the kill buyer.
    Laura has managed to put together some good info regarding Hicaliber and Michelle, but please don’t buy her book and let he prosper from her own abusive past. Disgusting.

      • Don’t be so sure about that. Most serial killers and killers in general are men. And even though AM is vile and hurt countless people, KAR did more damage for a longer period of time.

        • Women can be emotionally abusive, (not sure if they are worse than men in this area or not) but men are much, much more likely to be physically violent than women are.
          Statistics don’t lie. Just Google the statistics for domestic violence and murder- the difference is huge.

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