Roberta Glass on court hearing – and bathroom break with Allison Mack – ‘I had to take one for the team’ – plus bonus pics of Mack leaving court

Roberta Glass reported on her YouTube channel on the status conference hearing yesterday that she attended.

She counted 20 lawyers for the defense – and 3 for the prosecution.

She saw for the first time the DOJ’s newest member for the prosecution in the Nxivm case, [Public Integrity Section] prosecutor Kevin Trowel.

Glass said, “He is quite a striking figure. He looks like a Ken doll…. really chiseled, really tall, really handsome.”

Each lawyer on the defense stood up and argued why various charges should be dropped.

Sean Buckley, representing Allison Mack, argued that this is not a typical case of sex trafficking. That the women did the work (e.g., shopping, getting coffee, etc.) voluntarily – and that it is hardly emblematic of true sex trafficking where there is often force and sometimes imprisonment, threats, sweatshops etc. involved — and that the women were not threatened into giving collateral.

Judge Garaufis suggested that their state of mind is important. They might have been in fear over their collateral.

Buckley doubled down, asking, what is the harm that was done to these DOS women?

Marc Agnifilo argued that the prosecutors have not disclosed what some DOS members said to them about the good that DOS did for them. This is Brady material [exculpatory evidence.]

The judge scolded Agnifilo on one occasion over a small issue regarding deadlines.

At one point during the two-hour hearing, Allison Mack had to go to the bathroom. The judge ordered a brief recess.

Glass also had to use the restroom and followed Mack into the ladies room.

Some other women, who also had to use the restroom, thanked Allison Mack for her getting them a break.

Mack said, “Well, I decided I had to take one for the team– I’m used to it.”

There was “an awkward pause” after she said it. “It was an uncomfortable moment.”

The defendants seemed chipper and made small talk, Glass observed.

She also observed the Vanguard:

“Keith Raniere is looking so bad. His hair is parted in the middle. He is dying it some weird color but because his hair has no luster to it – it just looks like frizzy and strange. Last hearing, Melissa Roberto, who does excellent reporting for Radar Online, said he looked like a clown. I say he looks like a mental patient or I am constantly being reminded of Charles Manson when I look at him.  He has that unkempt, crazy, homeless person kind of look.”

Hear Roberta Glass’s entire report


Special Bonus:

These photos of Mack leaving the courtroom were taken by one of our readers.

Notice how she basically puts her head on her attorney’s shoulder…

Maybe things are a little harder on her than she lets on. Maybe taking one for the team might just be wearing on her – at leas a little…





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  • The defense had 20 members for a simple hearing? Lol bill bill bill. If you asked any criminal attorney what they thought of that they die laughing. My wife is an attorney she got a good chuckle when I asked her opinion. Bronfman senior should have put his daughter’s inheritance in a ironclad trust. It’s going to be squandered before they hit 55. I hope having a little power was worth it LEGATUS.

  • “Well, I decided I had to take one for the team– I’m used to it.”

    Keith Raniere might be the Coach of the Team but Allison Mack is the Quarterback.

      • Good question shadowstate. When I heard that Allison said “Take one for the team,” my first thought was how Allison said the branding was her idea, thereby protecting Keith and NXIVM.

        • Maybe Allison did not appreciate the seriousness of what she was admitting to.

          That said in going through her social media I found that she had quoted and praised the Marquis de Sade and pointed with favor to a female fan who marked up her skin with a tattoo or brand quoting her Smallville character.

          Marquis de Sade quoted with approval by Allison.

          Fan’s marked up arm with Allison beaming with approval.

          Does Allison not understand the importance of words and symbols?

          • Dude do you not understand the importance of your own life. Really…… a 61 year old man going through some former TV chick’s social media. Seriously, buddy, for your own salvation please get some semblance of a life before your short earthly existence is no more.

          • You like to mention that Allison Mack loves the Marquis de Sade but what you fail to point out is that the quote is one of the most painless the man every said. He talks about loving your body, not torturing it and the second is a pic of a fan with words tattooed on her arm–she doesn’t have a sleeve full of burn marks .

            Talk about being deliberately misleading.

          • Winnie:
            With all due respect leave the issue of my salvation to me.

            The mere mention of the Marquis de Sade to mind thoughts of his philosophy of deriving pleasure from pain and torture of himself and others.
            You don’t find people quoting Hitler with approval and by the same token one should stay away from Marquis de Sade quotes.

          • Shadow as a Christian I am commanded by my Lord and Savior to worry and fraternally correct my brothers and sisters. Please take the plank out of your own eye before worrying about what is in the eyes of others. The Lord and the justice system will deal with Allison. You really need to worry about your own salacious writings.

          • @Schattenzustand1958

            You’re just being ridiculous. Do you really judge people by books, quotations, music, etc.? I, for example, have read all the books by Marquis de Sade and yes, I quote him too. I like metal music and wear black clothes and a lot of tattoos… am I a bad person for you … a sadist … satanist … something like that. You are ridiculous.

      • Same reason most criminals do what they do. You are just obsessed with her. Sadly for you she does not give two shitz about you and I doubt they will let you in to visit her in prison.

  • Drumroll please…and the Oscar for best actress in an international espionage psycho-killer, sex cult thriller goes to:

    “Well, I decided I had to take one for the team– I’m used to it.”

    Allison Pimp Mack for her chilling portrayal of “Pinnochiette frees Chucky!”

  • Take one for the team. Who really came up with the idea of branding women? Who designed what the brand would look like? Who decided where the branding ‘ceremony’ would take place? Whose idea was it to keep asking for additional collateral? Take one for the team.

    • Yes, it’s interesting. If she truly had “taken one for the team,” she would have endured the painful branding process herself. But we’re told she does not have one.

      A stupid comment, at best.

  • Thanks for this!
    Just a clarification 20 people on the defense side – that’s including the defendants?

    • Shadow is just about done with his new cankles article. Each picture will be dissected in detail.

      From her comment, maybe “taking one for The Vanguard” isn’t as glamorous as Keithy made it out to be?

      • Kieth indoctrinated his followers to believe that women are morally weak and don’t keep their promises. Did Allison think she would be a strong badass honorable woman by covering for Keith and NXIVM and taking blame for DOS? Was she swayed by the “Jews in the basement “ argument, the morality of lying for the greater good? Is Allison getting tired of it, now that she’s isolated from them?

  • Ps. I enjoyed it. Interesting to listen to somebody’s observations from the courtroom particularly when they get a bathroom break and get to quote AM’s self pity.

  • I don’t know if I’m in an impatient mood today but this you tube audio made me discover you can alter the playback speed! Hurrah, I thoroughly recommend 1.75x.

  • “I say he looks like a mental patient or I am constantly being reminded of Charles Manson when I look at him. He has that unkempt, crazy, homeless person kind of look.”

    Maybe Vanguard will try the insanity defence after all!

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