Guest View: Allison Mack – ‘Your acting career is over; Your life is not – don’t take one for the team!

Editor’s note: Allison Mack was overheard in the courtroom restroom at Wednesday’s status conference, admitting she “had to take one for the team.”.” Taking one for the team is an idiom for “accepting some chore, hardship or punishment for the sake of one’s friends, colleagues, associates [criminal or otherwise” and in this case cult members. 

By A Reader

Allison Mack is “taking one for the team” because she’s been brainwashed into believing the current “fall of NXIVM” is due to her actions.

No honey. They’re not due just to your actions. They are ultimately due to the false leader that you and everyone else who are still mind-fucked follow.

Allison Mack has said she will take one for the team. Photo Tom Gargiulo.

Do you really think you would be in this situation today if you didn’t decide to join NXIVM and weren’t under their undue influence?

Keith Raniere and some of his team.

Do you really think you would have ever thought of branding women near the vagina with yours and your master’s initials as some form of female empowerment if you weren’t influenced and led by a sexually promiscuous shell of a man? No. You would likely still have an acting career and be doing what you’ve been doing ever since you were a child.

Honey, shake off the cobwebs from your mind-fuck. These people do not really care for you one bit. They care about your celebrity and what you could do and did for them. And they care about only what you can do for them right now. They’ll say all the right words about sacrifice, yada, yada, yada, but if the script was flipped they wouldn’t give anything of value to save you.

Your acting career is over. Your life is not. Don’t let them continue to take that away from you with some bullshit notions about empowerment, strength, the mission or cause, etc.


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Can Allison take the fall for Keith Raniere and save him?

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  • You’re wasting your time.
    Allison is not just a fanatic she is enthralled with Keith.

  • We see a lot of cult-like behavior with followers of donation-funded animal rescues that utilize under-regulated, virtually lawless social media platforms to stage their reality show-style crisis-events that are often pure fabrication that can easily pull in millions of donation dollars annually.

    The blog post at the link below speaks to the issues of brain-washed animal rescue followers who are addicted to the drama, and often are not even a little bit interested in truth and facts.
    That’s why the innocent animals being used as props, pawns, and donation-bait by hucksters that have infiltrated animal rescue are regularly convenience-killed or disappeared when their donation-value is exhausted, and far be it for their true believer followers to say a word and risk being ostracized.

  • I was astounded watching Allison Mack interviewing Raniere in the recruiting video about authenticity. An alpha female with at least 10 years of full time professional acting experience, a self made millionaire by her mid twenties, watched by hundreds of millions of people every year, being taught about authenticity by a multi level marketer with no real acting experience? Does she comprehend the irony?

    IMO Allison was badly led astray by Raniere, and he is utterly responsible for all wrong that comes to all of his followers.

    • MO Allison was badly led astray by Raniere, and he is utterly responsible for all wrong that comes to all of his followers.

      And his followers bear no responsibility for their actions?
      What happened to personal responsibility?
      The enablers are as responsible as Raniere.

      As a child I was taught that i was responsible for my personal actions and not to blame others if I followed the bad advice or directions of others.
      If women want to be treated as adults they have to act like adults.

    • Good comment and did you note how emotionally libial Allison is in those videos?

      The fact is that what NX was/is determined to do to these girls is enslave them, break them down, make them more submissive, less self-determined, coerced by pain association, punishment and fear of their masters — it’s all the complete opposite of empowerment. Allison was also raped financially. They took all of Gina’s inheritance as well.

  • The question that remains is a simple one. Is she still in charge of her life or is someone else. It might be too late to fight the cult for her and she might have to live with the consequences. As long as she learns from it, it might be a good thing to be honest. Most of the women in the cult did not get away unscathed.

  • High drama on the Frank Report. All Mack was doing was cracking a joke about being the first woman to ask to go to the bathroom, because many of the other women also needed to go. All of this psycho-babble is ridiculous.

    • How does Allison know who has to go to the bathroom?
      Did she do a survey or can she be clairvoyant? If she could
      be clairvoyant, she could see things from the end. But then
      you would expect something different from her than what
      she does.

  • Do some of the idiots here realize that by taking one for the team she may have meant a break for the others to either take a leak or a dump. Sounded like a couple of the women may have been squeezing their cheeks and drowning their wisdom teeth waiting for a break so they would not miss anything.

    • Think it was more the “I’m used to it” — that Allie maybe meant she is used to taking the blame — on top of the fact that she did lie publicly by claiming the branding was her idea, etc. when that’s been publicly contradicted (reread Catherine Oxenberg’s book) that requires further explanation and caused the awkward reaction in the powder room.

      But IDK, maybe Allie meant she’s used to taking one in the bathroom? Using “one” the way Emiliano said he wants “One” or “Juan” in his mouth in that cute Vanguard Week skit with Lauren Salzman?

      Maybe she meant #1, number one, that she’s used to taking a pee for the slaves and Raniere? Didn’t know it was that kind of kinky they were into but there’s only one “idiot” on here who doesn’t see a clear message from Allison that she knows she’s caught in a lie already but did it, and the crime, to empower the team….

    • Reality and Scott: Obviously asking for a bathroom break was what Allison meant by ‘taking one for the team.’ But she also added, “I’m used to it.” So she wasn’t just referring to that one time in the courtroom. Now we are all wondering what other times did Allison ‘Take one for the team’?

      • Love all the armchair psycho analysis. Did anyone actually read the article. Some ladies thanked her for getting everyone a break. She was probably used to that from long shooting days in her former career and people needing a break to drop tro and bomb the bowl. Some of the allie obsessed commenters here are every bit as wacked as the NXIVM cabal.

        • Reality, what you say is possible but I don’t think it’s likely. Sometimes there is time between camera set-ups to take care of bodily needs, even for a lowly extra. For a principle actor, I’d say there is even more leeway. For instance, the principal actors get to wait in the heated tents between shots, while everybody else shivers in the cold. It’s a different world when your name is in the credits.

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