Three more paintings by Mk10art – including Allison in Vanguard Land & the Agnifilo Shuffle

At Frank Report, we always look forward to new paintings and sketches by MK10ART.

Everyone of her paintings are worth at least 1000 words. So here is a another well written post – since it contains three of her new paintings.

The first is entitled Allison in Vanguard Land


MK10ART’s comment: Allison Mack Uses the Church of Scientology as Part of Her Defense in NXIVM Case.

The Agnifilo Shuffle

Defense attorney Mark Agnifilo compares the sex trafficking by the NXIVM sex cult with the Garden of Eden


mk10art’s comments:  Convicted of murder in 2005. Ryan Ferguson was acquitted due to a Brady violation. He was awarded $11 million dollars and went on speaking tour with Amanda Knox.
Now NXIVM attorney for Keith Raniere is bringing up Brady material in court.



As the foremost artist of Nxivm horrors, Frank Report and I know its readers are immensely thankful to MK10ART and her wonderful work.

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  • I really enjoy the depiction of Mack as Alice….maybe Raniere should be portrayed as Lewis Carrol. Didn’t Carrol and the real Alice share a similarly controversial relationship?

  • Brush strokes of genius as usual, MK!

    Your portayal of “Aggie” reminds me of Richard Gere’s character in “Chicago” — “Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle (tap, tap) razzle dazzle ‘em!”

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