Will a jury find Allison Mack guilty because she “should have known”

By Tom Gargiulo

Shadow State, your questions to Allison Mack are direct and compelling.

According to the defendant’s attorney, Sean S. Buckley, in cases involving forced labor and extortion, one must have “knowledge and intent” to break the law.

And, the burden of proof for knowledge and intent is on the prosecution.

According to Mack, she was participating in a women’s club that was centered around accountability in reaching one’s goals (not centered around sex as a main goal).

From my observation, Mack is someone who has a strong “false self”.  People who have false selves don’t know who they are; their main goal is to please other people to give them a sense of self even if it means doing stupid, idiotic things that are not in their long term best interest.

In the courtroom on Wednesday, Mack displayed the false self at full speed. She acted like a party host despite it being inappropriate, considering the grim circumstances.

How will a jury find her? I have no idea, but it is believable that she did not have “knowledge and intent” that she was breaking the law.

Will a jury find her guilty anyway because she “should have known”. Juries are guided by emotion as much as reason, so they absolutely could.


What picture of Allison Mack will emerge to the jury

MK10ART: Allison Mack with Dr. Danielle Roberts enjoying a branding session.


MK10ART: Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack, leader of DOS, the women’s empowerment group led by a man, Keith Raniere.
The silly girl always sticking her tongue out. Some say, the protruding tongue is a message for her sex slaves.
Allison Mack: The attractive, attentive woman enamored with her glorious master Keith Raniere. Did she invent DOS all by herself?
Allison Mack – as a sexpot – but too fat to appeal to Keith Raniere.
Repentant Allison Mack.
Allison Mack, innocent girl next door.

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  • Can we move onto the cremation of Allison Mack?
    I for one imagine if there is any justice at all she will be put in a 9×9 box about 2 miles underground Florence Colorado for the very rest of her unnatural life’s balance.
    Just saying. When founders talk about crucifying Tyrants they are talking about slave owners like Allison Mack.

  • I would think that;

    her admiting owmership in the fact that she came up with the concept of branding women while naked,

    force feeding them addictive drugs,

    imprisonment, etc, 4 not following the instructions 2 have sex with keith & document all that,

    the collection of collateral,

    kinky sex she participated in,

    the diet, pubic hair & all sexual requirements 4 keith’s pleasure,

    4 starters makes it hard 2 believe that a reasonable jury will overlook finding her not guilty by reason of “false self” or any such associated excuses.

    But I’m not a legal scholar, just my good common sense.

  • Anyone who trusts their fate to twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty…

    Either she didn’t know what she was doing is wrong, harmful & criminal, and she is therefore a danger to society as a whole, or she knew what she was doing is wrong, harmful & criminal, and she is therefore a danger to society as a whole.

    I would be amazed if her D-list acting skills get her out of this one.

    Acting bubbly & giddy & friendly is probably not going to save her. Especially since the defense team is saying everything she did is fine because their warped version of consent. If anything, it only makes her look more evil.

  • I find your alleged concern for Allison compelling, Tom. Especially coming from a legal minded person, old enough to quote Buckley.

    If you had any real concern for Allison’s fate in this, you’d be advising her to cooperate with investigators not image-makers. The FACT of Allison’s aforeknowledge has already been exposed on FR and other media.

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