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Wintersleep premiere “Beneficiary” with BrooklynVegan/New LP out March 29th on Dine Alone

In the Land Of, LP Out March 29, 2019 via Dine Alone Records

In December Wintersleep announced their new album, In the Land Of, their seventh full length album, due out on March 29th on Dine Alone. Today, the band are sharing their lead single from the record, “Beneficiary,” an anthemic meditation on the legacy of the genocide of First Nations people in Canada, via BrooklynVegan.

The band have expanded on the songs meaning in a statement to BrooklynVegan:

“A lot has come to light in the last few years regarding the genocide of First Nations people here in Canada. There are questions we all have to ask ourselves about our country’s history, and to a larger extent western civilization is built on this. We have what we have because of oppression and mistreatment and worse of our indigenous people. I was reading an interview with Peter Carey who was talking about a similar thing in the Australian context and their relationship to it. He referred to himself in the interview as a “beneficiary of genocide” and I feel like it really encapsulates the idea of someone historically removed from these atrocities but who nonetheless benefits and has to come to terms with and find ways to acknowledge and take on a certain responsibility in making it right and also at the very least seeing that current problems in First Nations communities are directly linked to these historical wrongs. What can you do as an individual in making it right.”

In support of the album the band will be embarking on a North American tour beginning in March. Full details can be found below.


“The average Canadian carries around with them in their head a vision of spaciousness.” So theorized Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, describing a so-called ‘Canadian sound.’ For Schafer and many others, it was a sound defined by space, by the land and our distance from and proximity to it. For Harry Freedman, it was “gaunt” and “lonely.” Elaine Keillor called it “immense, empty, mysterious, harsh, indifferent, producing a response of awe mingled with terror and an intense sense of spiritual loneliness.”

On Wintersleep’s seventh full-length record, In the Land Of, this geography is both real and imagined. It is understood that our surroundings are not, in fact, essential or concrete elements; they’re constructed in relation to us, the inhabitants. Our identities, too, are constructed in relation to the land. The land, both physical and figurative, changes, and so do we. Familiar land. Foreign land. Inhospitable land. Un-ceded land. Stolen land. Dead land.

Like all Wintersleep records, In the Land Of encourages thought and introspection. The new record’s title is an incomplete thought, a blank that is filled in across the record with different places, words, and sounds. “A lot of the songs touch on this idea of being a stranger or feeling foreign in all the different landscapes in which the songs took place lyrically,” explains vocalist and guitarist Paul Murphy. “It all relates back to the land,” adds guitarist Tim D’Eon.

In the Land Of follows 2016’s The Great Detachment, which saw it’s lead single “Amerika” spend 11 consecutive weeks atop Canada’s rock radio charts, remaining in the Top 10 for over 7 months as well as winning an Indie Award for Single Of The Year and a JUNO Award nomination for Adult Alternative Album.

On March 20, 2019, Wintersleep will take to the road with tour dates throughout Canada. Full tour dates can be found below. Tickets will be on sale this Friday, December 14. The JUNO Award winners have previously toured several continents and shared stages with Pearl Jam, Broken Social Scene and the Hold Steady, a performance on Late Night with David Letterman and even an opening slot for Sir Paul McCartney.

“Beneficiary” will be available everywhere on Friday, January 11th.

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