St. George's Tower in Brooklyn is where Allison Mack kept an apartment. The DOJ alleged that at least one branding episode occurred in Brooklyn. It likely occurred in Allison's apartment here. This is also where Allison likely gave her interview with the New York Times where she claimed she came up with the idea for branding women. It is also the apartment where Allison was arrested in April 2018.

Shadow: Did Clare Bronfman set Allison Mack up with stylish apartment in Brooklyn?

By Shadow State 1958

Did Clare set Allison up with that stylish apartment in Brooklyn? You better believe it.

Apartments in that Brooklyn tower where Allison was living start at $3000 dollars rent per month and go up to 5000 dollars per month.

Building: St. George Tower
111 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201
275 units

30 stories

Built in 1929

2 active rentals ($59 per ft² avg, $5,350 avg price)
28 previous rentals ($53 per ft² avg, $3,319 avg price)

St. George’s Tower Brooklyn NY where Allison Mack lived. The historic St George Tower is a full service building with handicap access, laundry facilities, and the most amazing city & harbor views from the common roof deck. It is well located near the 2/3/4/5/M/R/A/C trains & the Promenade. The building has everything you need, including additional storage, bike room, on-site management, and a sports club next door. Built in 1930 this fabulous building houses 300 apartments, 31 floors and 4 elevators.

I’m believe that the investigation will reveal that Allison is a lot closer to the Bronfman sisters than you or I imagine.

I have noted earlier that Allison not only sold her soul to Raniere but also to Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Please note that in the courtroom Allison made a point of hugging Clare Bronfman.

Pea Onyu made a point of calling Allison and Clare the “co-Queens of NXIVM.’

“Allison at least would acknowledge your existence. She and Clare are our queens. Keith our glorious master” quote from Pea.

Nicki Clyne, Basit Igtet, Allison Mack, Sylvie Lloyd and Clare Bronfman gather at a half marathon event Clare was competing in mid May 2017.  This was just a few weeks before Frank Report published the branding stories and turned the Nxivm world upside down.

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  • P.S. Perhaps a more modern NX method such as hacking the leasing agent’s computer system to get a look at Allison’s lease — date rented, who paid, all that is what’s called for in this case.

    Or maybe someone at DOJ will let it leak? Just Allison Mack’s move-in date? Pretty please? …we’re really just trying to save Pinochiette here…some of us. Right Shadow?

  • WTG, Shadow! Hmm, wonder if there might not be some security camera data still available, maybe for sale, on certain dates where a blindfolded girl was allegedly led out of the building, where an NYT reporter set up for an interview, etc. May be already sold to a Sylvie Lloyd type.

    Pssst. If I were a gossip columnist worth dick these days I’d be on my way to that security office in a bikini with a wad of cash before I finished reading this. But wear a fur over the bikini, hear it’s chilly there.

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