Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, one of the top figures in the Arizona Mafia, and attorney for Clare Bronfman.

Guest View: Helping NXIVM Sex Cult is whole new chapter for Dennis K. Burke, the disgraced prosecutor from Arizona!

Editor’s note: This guest view comes from a critic of Dennis Burke and opines that Burke may be the author of the post Guest View: Nancy and Lauren Salzman have NOT made deals with Feds

By A Critic of Burke

Hit a nerve, did we, Big D?

Or just rationalizing your “easy win” scenarios again for the sake of making your current life conditions more bearable? If you’re talking about Jeffrey Peterson when you refer to “no legal experience,” his successful resolution in the past of over 80 civil matters, including several full jury trials and victories against firms such as Skadden, Arps, Latham & Watkins, and Brown & Bain, does not exactly equal “zero legal experience.”

You have again shown how ill-informed you are; and how quick you are to make assumptions tending to rationalize your own bullshit.

That ill-informed nature of yours is too bad for your clients and plentiful co-counsel who were somehow led to believe you’re a big shot, because certainly you couldn’t have been another Napolitano sycophant who only held appointed positions due to his willingness to do the dirty work, never once having been elected to an office.

By the way, on the topic of “legal experience”, not many former U.S. Attorneys have one of these, do they, “Mr. Invisible.” How’s this for your “legal experience?”

Hey Burke, did you and Sandweg really lie to the federal government, then try to invoke your former titles as departmental heads within Homeland Security and the DOJ as part of a scheme to aid Keith Raniere harem member [and mother of his child] Mariana Fernandez and others within the NXIVM enterprise? Tisk, tisk.

Document #256 is quite a read. Must be embarrassing for you while you’re not engaging in your constant self-rationalization of all things. Let’s hope everyone continues to buy your attempts to minimize the realities about you that are now staring them in the face.

Get real, your lies have come back to haunt you again.

Has it sunk in yet, in your self-rationalizing stubborn brain, that your supposedly privileged documents with Nxivm clients are likely being admitted into evidence under the crime-fraud exception to the privilege rules?

Please don’t tell us you’re so far detached from reality that you need Frank Report commentary to remind you what that means as to the origin of those documents and the obvious intent of the representative author. Despite what you surely believe now that you’re empowered by dirty money, you are not invincible. Didn’t you learn anything from Fast and Furious? Or is all of this somehow connected?

What a complicated web you have woven.

Look on the bright side, Dennis, you might not have to lie to Congress this time around. At least in NXIVM, Vanguard only thought he was a matter of national importance, and no one has to orchestrate the murder of a couple of border patrol officers to keep them quiet. This time, you only have to lie to Clare Bronfman and your abundant co-counsel, then throw all of them under the bus in order to protect your real “clients” in Mexico.

As arrogant and clueless as Raniere is, and as professional as the high dollar lawyers you guys hired with Clare’s money are, makes sense how you’ve been able to bullshit him, and them, and makes even more sense you’d be the clean-up man orchestrating the whole mess. For, as the years have shown, expertise in handling and cleaning up other people’s crap while pushing underhanded deceitful agendas on his “friends” who rely on him, is the essence of the marginally effective reckless counselor from Arizona.

With all those trips to consult with your real “clients,” did you at least get some extra frequent flyer miles on Aeromexico? Or were the recurrent Mexico City trips done on Marco Lopez’s new private wings? Not a bad lifestyle there is it, Dennis, now that you’ve changed sides?

From a short term point of view, sure beats the heck out of those cheap offices you used to complain about when you were working for the good guys, doesn’t it? And your new friends will even offer to whack your enemies, further inflating your ego, if such a thing is even possible at this point.

Let’s see, how is it they rationalize things?…”We’re not going to be here forever, so we may as well live it up while we are.” Right? Except, dicho en español. Now you’re helping the cartel interests on U.S. soil.

Indeed, helping the NXIVM Sex Cult is a whole new chapter for Dennis K. Burke, the disgraced prosecutor from Arizona turned NXIVM Sex Cult advocate!


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  • Jeff Peterson off his meds again!

    And, no this isn’t Dennis Burke???

    OR IS IT????

    Hahahahahahahahahaha Birdbrain.

    • Hi Denny, the walls of justice are closing in on you and your evil cabal gombas. This is about so much more than NXIVM and you know it.

  • Is the reporter who received the Dodson memo from Burke, using Burke’s personal email, the same reporter who wrote the hit piece on Jeffrey Peterson about a year ago? I find it ridiculous that Burke said he sent the reporter the memo because he thought the reporter already had it. Then why send it to him, and from your personal email, an obvious intent to leak what is probably classified information, Dennis (the menace) Burke? I think Burke got off easy, he should have been disbarred. This is a mere slap on the wrist, it was all just for show.

    • an article in the USA TODAY questioned the bar findings in Dennis Burke’s reprimand as inadequate, hinting at corruption in the Arizona legal community.

      “Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said the Bar findings — including a proposed reprimand with no significant consequences — do not reflect Burke’s conduct in leaking Justice Department documents.

      “His actions to selectively leak a single document supporting a misleading narrative … was a cowardly and self-serving action intended to smear a whistle-blower,” Issa said in a news release. “I’m deeply troubled to see him describe, and have the state Bar apparently accept at face value, the idea that his effort to retaliate against a Fast and Furious whistle-blower was intended as an act of ‘transparency.” Bar findings questioned in Fast and Furious reprimand, USA TODAY, April 1, 2014.

      • Burke also cites “political pressure,” but that was fundamental to his job as an AUSA, and he had the fake news/lame stream media covering for him the whole time. That’s not pressure. If Trump was the President at the time instead of Barry, this would have been a media sh!t storm.

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