Rick Bell defends wife Laura; condemns Michelle Knutilla for sabotaging their horse rescue efforts

By Rick Bell

It has been interesting, but honestly also sad, that my wife Laura and I continue to be defamed because of staged photos and untrue statement by a malignant narcissist and sociopath like Michelle Knuttila.

For the past 25 years, we have run a primarily self-funded horse rescue that has been involved in one way or another in the rescue and adoption of thousands of horses. Less than 1% of our expenses come from donations.

When we find ourselves in the possession of very sick horses, we treat them and make them well, whatever it takes.

When Michelle Knuttila attacked us, she had previously been made aware that we had several horses that were severely sick. They looked horrible. They were however being treated, and after several months of treatment they recovered and still thrive today. We didn’t shoot the horses because they got sick. We contacted our vet and started aggressively treating them.

Sure, our facility was ramshackle at best. The property was owned by a deceased relative and we were preparing to move. We stop doing costly maintenance to save money to relocate. Our horses now have our property, plus hundreds of acres of neighbor’s property to roam freely on.

Unfortunately, the attack in 2013 caused us to spend thousands of dollars that should have been spent on the sick horses and delayed our move. When we were attacked, we had about 20 sick or chronic horses. They were all regularly seen by our vet. We also had 50 other horses that looked great.

Michelle never showed the good looking horses and claimed that every horse on the property looked emaciated.

Romney Snyder, writing for Michelle, said they didn’t want the sick horse and they should stay with us. She also wasn’t asking for our fat and sasses. They wanted all of our young horses that they could sell or shoot after raising thousands of dollars to rescue them. They actually ran fund-raisers to ‘Save the Starlight Horses’ and raised around $10,000. We never saw a penny of that money.

We were criminally investigated for 5 1/2 months and after 5 1/2 months the authorities were convinced that we did nothing wrong and the saw that the sick horses had recovered or were mostly recovered.

The horses you showed on your Website was of a horse named Baruk. When we met him, he had severe behavioral issues and several health issues. Again, we specialize in horses with behavioral issues and unless health issues prevent a horse from lying down, getting up, eating and drinking, we chose to take care of them.

“Baruk lived for five years after we rescued him,” says Rick Bell.

Unlike Michelle, we don’t shoot them. When a horse is unable to do the above actions, they are humanely euthanized by a vet.

In Baruk’s case he had ulcers when he arrived likely from being mishandled. Later he developed lymphangitis. These were chronic issues for this horse, which made it difficult for him to keep weight on. In the winter he was blanketed and after he settled in he calmed down and lived five years with his friends.

Our friend started the blog “HiCaliber Horse Killers”.  We assisted him in writing posts for quite a while. It was his group that put the massive list of sources of income that HiCaliber had that actually started their downfall.  Our friend ended up moving to Washington so, at that time, we took over his blog.

Our friend’s blog was outing HiCaliber Horse Rescue for almost a year before ‘Shedrow’ engaged.

But as we have seen since then, the media, like Shedrow, continue to defame us with lies. For the record, we were never charged, we were never arrested and we never had any animals seized or dispersed.

If you read Laura’s resume, I think you will find no one in the world with a more diverse and knowledgeable background in animal care and maintenance than Laura.

Over the past five plus years she has become the only expert on false pretense seizure scams and attacks.

Michelle Knuttila is accused of falsely defaming Laura and Rick Bell allegedly to try to steal their good horses through extortion.

Romney Snyder and Michelle Knuttila tried to extort us and blackmail us. Their attack had nothing to do with animal welfare.


Laura Bell with one of her horses, Scarlett.

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  • Michelle Knuntilla is evil. She thinks she’s smarter than law enforcement and investigators. Her day will come…soon. She’s a killer. Hiding behind loopholes and false scenarios. She injures the horses? Then kills them. Holy Shi! This is one sick fgkg lady. Arrest this fat, ugly insane psycho!!!

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