Guest View: No prosecutions are gonna happen for Kristin Snyder or Gina Hutchinson because they both committed suicide and were not murdered.

By One Night in Bangkok

I feel sympathy for the family members of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.

I just hope Gina’s sister realizes that no matter what happens, there is NO CRIME for anybody to prosecute with regard to Gina’s death. Nor will anybody be prosecuted for Snyder’s death.

They were both just suicides and no matter who may have ‘encouraged’ them to do it, it’s just not going to be prosecuted as a crime by federal or state courts EVER.

Want some facts?

There’s a recent case which involved a girl convicted of “inciting” somebody to commit suicide. However, if you read the case details you’ll see that convicting somebody (of this crime) involves much more than merely proving that they ‘encouraged’ somebody to kill themselves.

It was the case of Michelle Carter.

Firstly, she spent months texting her ex-boyfriend trying to convince him to kill himself. Those texts were introduced as REAL evidence shown in court, they weren’t just rumors or hearsay disclosed by some anonymous “rat” bitch.

But that’s not all…

Plus, she actually helped him PLAN how he would kill himself (suffocating in his car) while also convincing him that he needed to do it to be free.

But that’s not all…

Plus, she was actually on the phone with him while he was committing suicide (he was sitting in his car using the exhaust fumes to kill himself).

But that’s not all…

When he chickened out and left the car, she actively convinced him (via phone) to go back inside and finish the job. So he did, and he died. Phone records were provided at trial.

It takes that kind of DETAILED INVOLVEMENT to get convicted of this crime.

You can’t just tell somebody to ‘off themselves’ and then go to prison. That’s not enough.

The law in the US doesn’t work like that despite what certain ignorant people may believe.

Oh, and after all that… Michelle Carter got sentenced to just over 1 year in prison, lol.

That’s it. 15 little months, which probably amounts to 6 months with parole for good time.

Guess what?

No prosecutions are gonna happen for Kristin Snyder or Gina Hutchinson because they both committed suicide and they were not murdered. Period.

If Keeffe or another Rat Bitch encouraged them to do it, that’s just NOT ENOUGH by legal standards UNLESS there’s evidence that they engaged in DETAILED involvement just like Michelle Carter did.

Until I see this evidence, it’s nothing more than fantasy.

End of story.

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  • You haven’t been keeping up, Michelle Carter’s appeal is more than likely going to be won and she will more then likely have the conviction reversed. She wasn’t present at the time, and she didn’t “help” him do anything. She didn’t help buy supplies she didn’t force him to do anything. At the end of the day the only person responsible for a sucide is the person who committed suicide, nothing else. She probably won’t spend a day in jail.

  • –I feel sympathy for the family members of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.

    “…Now let me shit on them after such an insincere profession.”

  • SInce this piece of crap is apparently a new contributor, I assume I can call this lowlife a lying loser.

    So what is it One Night? Is The Rat a LIAR – like you were adamant about in one of your other inaccurate & pot stirring posts? Or is The Rat not a liar and The Rat’s views on the “suicides” are perfectly accurate.

    Do you have any clue WTF you are typing? You sure seem certain. If yes – where did you get your certainty? Care to share some details of THIS CASE? Instead of gloriously sharing details of a case that CNN, FOX News etc. have covered extensively.

    Since you seem to know everything, did Toni’s dog also commit suicide?

    If you don’t respond to my questions or questions from others, I will not be replying to you anymore. I’ll skip over your make believe posts and treat you like the dead-inside troll that you are.

  • Not sure why Frank needs to post articles attacking victims families for click-bait when there is actual news.
    Shame on the writer and the publisher.

  • What are your reasons for allowing this cruel piece to be published? what purpose does it serve? So sorry for Heidi Hutchinson and the Snyder family, this is insupportable, plain nasty. I don’t want any further involvement with this site. Best of luck to all nxian’s.

    • I don’t agree with Frank posting this either. It was originally a dumb post on another thread and should have stayed there – if not censored to begin with. At least there is now no doubt about the place that One Night is coming from.

      To slightly defend Frank, if the facts end up showing that The Rat is correct and the three “suicide” victims (that we know of) did actually kill themselves, it will be difficult to get justice if the crime was convincing them to do the act.

  • This commenter enjoys being provocative in order to invoke contrary responses and, for some reason, is trying to get under Heidi’s skin. My question is why?

    Death by suicide leaves so many victims in its wake and this person just wants to keep picking at the scab. Anyone who encouraged someone to choose to take their own life may not be found criminally responsible but is morally reprehensible.

  • There’s another major factor at play: time. It’s been so long since both of these women died, that finding evidence is nearly impossible. Many of the technologies that were used to convict Carter didn’t even exist and/or weren’t commonly used when these women died.

  • Bangkok
    You seem to presume everyone else is so ignorant that they believe by merely suggesting suicide to someone it could result in a conviction.

    Do any of us really know how thorough the police investigations into these deaths were? If the police believed these were both suicides, were they biased in their investigation? Did they follow up on any leads that were provided years later?
    Did they investigate the rat post to rule it out as a prank?

    I dont think you have any link to NXIVM, Bangkok, correct?
    So why are you so interested in this forum?

  • Most of the mental/emotional abuse that narcissists and sociopaths heap on people is not illegal. Deception, manipulation, gaslighting, just plain terminal selfishness – none of it will get the perpetrator put away. But that doesn’t change the righteous grief of the family and friends when someone is pushed into suicide by the actions of a vicious abuser. It’s only prosecutable when toads like KAR and his crew escalate their viciousness to the point of criminality. And then grieving family and friends can finally feel at peace that no one else will be driven to death once the toads are all locked away.

    So what were you hoping for by hurling your gloating remarks at grieving family and friends? Cuz frankly, you sound a lot like KAR and his cohort.

  • You seem very sure of yourself. I don’t know how you can conclude definitively that the deaths were suicide – especially Kristin Snyder’s. If you care to look, there are a lot of unexplained details.

    So what if there are no prosecutions? Does that make the events less horrible? That a whole host of people got involved with KAR and saw their finances, lifestyles, self esteem, freedom, or very lives go down the tubes? What point are your trying to make?

    Reading this and your past posts, you do seem like a troll with a very aggressive tone, holding a particular grudge against Heidi speaking out. You refer to her as “Gina’s sister.” I don’t like to make these accusations, but I’m just speaking from my gut.

    “I feel sympathy for the family members of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.”

    Do you?.

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