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5 Fun and Flirty Shades of Strawberry Blonde Hair For A Fabulous Fall Look

Falls is soon to be upon us and that means striking fall colors will be everywhere, including hairstyles. If you are looking for a soft yet sexy new look for your tresses, strawberry blonde hair is the perfect shade for Fall.

This captivating blend of soft pink hues, warm red tones and cool blondes is sure to turn heads. Strawberry blonde is soft and playful if you are looking for a colorful blend of fall hues that is not over the top. And you won’t be lacking for color options. From balayage to ombre to subtle highlights, there are dozens of ways to achieve gorgeous strawberry blonde hair.

Check out some of the hottest new looks for strawberry blonde hair just in time for late night Autumn hayrides and Fall festivals. We are sure you will one that suits your style!


5 Alluring Autumn Looks for Strawberry Blonde Hair


Dark Ash Blonde and Dusty Rose Blonde Ombre

Dusty hair colors are so big right now as they are perfect for Fall with their muted tones. If you don’t want to go all over blonde, you can start with dark roots such as a light chocolate brown or dark ash blonde. Then slowly fade to a strawberry blonde that melts into a dusty pale pink. This ombre fade looks striking on long layered hair as it is full of depth and dimension. Add some long, flowing waves by using a large curling iron to add even more body. The light dusty rose is such a striking contrast to the darker base for a captivating contrast that looks stunning when worn in an updo such as a braid or chignon.



Strawberry Blonde Balayage

If your hair is naturally a lighter shade of ash blonde, this pretty balayage blend is an ideal way to add some depth to your blonde tresses. Either keep your natural blonde as a base or tone it down to a slightly lighter shade. Then mix in a very light strawberry blonde and a platinum blonde for a multi-dimensional look that is full of texture and movement.

This combo is pretty on any hair type or length, but we think it is especially pretty on a shoulder-length cut with long layers to add fullness. This look is perfect for fall as it resembles a morning sunrise over the ocean with its breathtaking blend of light strawberry blonde hues. Style your hair in a slightly messy manner for a sexy bedhead look that shows you can handle whatever life throws your way.




Copper Strawberry Blonde Ombre Fade

Ombre hairstyles have been around for some time now, and they are only growing in popularity. Ombre hair doesn’t always have to be bold and colorful. Ombre can be soft and subtle, like this coppery blonde ombre fade. Start off with a burnt copper at the roots and gradually fade into a light ash blonde ending at the roots with a pale pink platinum blonde. These colors are reminiscent of an autumn sunset as they slowly melt from a warm light auburn to a very light blonde with pink hues that allow for a stunning strawberry blonde ombre.

This gorgeous ombre is captivating on a mid length wavy haircut as it adds fullness to thinner hair. As well, long layers can help add life to thicker tresses. If you have been blessed with naturally curly locks, simply spritz sea salt or apply a curling serum to your hair, run your fingers through it to style it into soft beachy waves and allow it to air dry. Those with straight hair can use a flat iron or medium barrel curling wand to curl one to two inch sections into beach waves. Spray with a medium hold spray to allow movement.


Pumpkin Spice Balayage

Autumn is all about beautiful colors and, like it or not, you can’t deny that pumpkins and pumpkin spice go hand-in-hand with fall. This pumpkin spice balayage blend is the essence of all things Fall. Start off with a very light copper and then blend in a pale ash blonde hue to end up with a warm strawberry blonde hue that will make you think of a pumpkin spice latte on a cool Autumn day.

This enchanting blend of alluring Fall colors looks especially enticing on a shorter bob and is ideal for those with thin or fine hair as it adds body and dimension. As well, it is a great look for thicker tresses. No matter what texture your hair, you will love this spicy strawberry blonde. Apply a volumizing mousse to your hair and blow it dry with a round brush. Then make soft and delicate waves with a large curling iron for a fun and flirty look to show off the many layers of color in this adorable Fall hairstyle.


Dusty Ginger Strawberry Blonde

If you prefer a more muted shade that is embraces the glory of Fall splendor, this dusty strawberry blonde is elegant and refined. Start off with a light brown base but go heavy on the ginger blonde hues to achieve a look that is sleek and sophisticated. The final effect is a breathtaking dusty ginger shade of strawberry blonde that will catch everyone’s eye as you pass on by.

We think this multidimensional strawberry blonde hair looks just dazzling on an inverted shoulder-length lob with long bangs. This look is so full of depth and texture. Apply a straightening serum and blow dry your hair straight with a round brush. Run your flat iron over your fully dried hair to achieve a smooth and silky finish. Apply a shine serum and spritz with a light hold spray. This look is great for both work and play as it is classy yet sassy with its eye-catching gingery-blonde hues.

Have you been blown away by any of our alluring shades of strawberry blonde hair? As you can see, there are quite a few ways to flaunt your gorgeous strawberry blonde tresses. Find the look that works for you and get ready to embrace a sassy new look just in time for Fall!






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