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Karen Waldrup Joins Exclusive Group Launching Facebook Fan Subscriptions

Singer/songwriter Karen Waldrup is always looking for new ways to connect with her Waldrup Worldwide Family and Facebook just delivered a new tool for creators. Because of Waldrup’s highly engaged audience on Facebook, the viral sensation received a special invite from the social media giant to test their Fan Subscription service. Facebook Fan Subscriptions makes it easy for people to help fund the voices they care about most through monthly subscriptions. Through this new product, Waldrup is able to connect with her rapidly growing group of loyal followers by offering special benefits, exclusive content and badges. 

“Facebook has always been such an amazing way for me to connect with My Waldrup Worldwide Family, the group of people who really allowed my music career to catapult to the next level, and for them to be able to become “supporters” and fund my career on an even bigger scale is like a dream come true for me,” says Waldrup. “I’m so excited to give my Supporters an inside glimpse “behind-the-scenes” of being an independent artist.  “

While Waldrup has a special relationship with her online community, she loves the opportunity to get out on the road and meet her devoted fans. She’s launched the Spring tour this week in Jamaica. Full list of dates below. 

Karen Waldrup Spring Tour

Jan 15 Negril Jamaica

Jan 19 St Croix US Virgin Islands

Jan 24 Millbrook, AL

Mar 7 Houston TX 

Mar 8 Grapevine TX

Mar 9 Dallas TX

Mar 16 Woodstock GA

Mar 17 Dahlonega GA 

Mar 19 Atlanta GA

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