Shadow: When Allison Mack went to Ecuador they chastised her in English and Spanish

By Shadow State 1958

Legatus Pro Temp, so good to hear from you in a recent post.

Thank you for revealing all of the enemies of Nxivm and who they were in their past life.

By the way who am I?  May I please by Pontius Pilate?

You wrote of Allison Mack: “Allison, who is now, by decree of the Vanguard, to be known forever as La Pucelle. She will never be forgotten. There will be statutes erected in every city. Streets named for her; Universities teaching Vanguard’s exalted technology bearing her name. Every child will memorize her accomplishments and sacrifice. La Pucelle has changed the course of womankind forever.”

Image result for statue of joan of arc
Will Allison Mack have similar statutes as this one of Joan of Arc installed in various places where she graced humanity with her lovely presence and her hot branding iron?

As a matter of fact, Allison visited Ecuador in October 2017 for a Comic Con.

And, after Allison was revealed to be the head of a sex slave cult, the people of Ecuador graced Allison with several new names using words that I never learned in Spanish class.


Image result for ecuador map
Allison Mack went to Ecuador. Not it is not shown in red on map because she carved her initials into women there with a red hot cauterizing iron.

From her Instagram account we learn:


One of my favourite parts of being in a [comic] convention is the friends I make along the way. I adore my new Ecuadorian family…. thanks for taking such good care of me. #travelbuddies#ecuadorianadventure #newfriends


I’ll have to use Google translate to show what some of the people of Ecuador commented about Allison Mack being in Ecuador then.


Reclutando ecuatorianas querrás decir hija de puta

Recruiting Ecuadorians you mean daughter of a bitch


Hija de puta vuelves a tocar tierra de acá te colgamos viva … enferma de mierda

Daughter of a bitch, you come back to earth, here we hang you alive … sick of shit


The comments about Allison posted in English are equally colorful.


Cult recruitment trip 2017 #cultsarefun #NXIVM #DOS #doyouevenfast #smallvillecult4ever


Lol, Allison Mack is the real life American Horror history cult


You know what would look amazing on you @allisonmack729? A brand with Keith Raniere’s initials on it! #cult #cultlife #doyouevenbrand #NXIVM #DOS

A. Mack with her slavesex… smiling.

So did you manage to enslave anyone while you were there?

I used to look up to you as a fellow female, now I think you are a disgusting vial piece of shit!! @allisonmack729 SHAME ON YOU

Did you brand them?

Did They join your cult

I wonder if any of these people are branded

Is your Ecuadorian family part of the sex cult branding NXIVM.

“Friends” or victims?!!! #monsterousallisonmack

Who wants to get their flesh burned with a cattle prod?

did you traffick and brand them in your sex trafficking ring?

You sick ful

Probably had sex with every one of em

Who are them, your sex slave recruits

Poor them bumped to meet the devil of hell!!! I hope all of them in safe place.

Did you take them to the compound?

@rasselah509 i will never ever respect pedophiles as well and of course not a pedo sympathizer!! Those people don’t deserve to be alive!

Pimp Mack

@shane.anthony.9847 she’ll only be getting crazy sex in prison now.

Did you brand all of them?

You sick person.

Did you sucker them into Keith Raniere’s cult?


So yes, Legatus Pro Tem, you are right:  Allison is cementing her place in history.

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  • My suggestion is that simple monuments are not enough for Allison and Keith, so the Mount Rushmore National Memorial should be extended by two heads. Allison and Keith’s. Then at least one woman would be immortalized there for her merits.

  • What is the point of this post? All you’ve done is go via her twitter account which has been full of hatrid since last March or so.

    This site is pathetic! I’m reporting it to the feds! It’s just full of shit we already know and run by a person who clearly is in love with Allison or has been hurt by her in some way. Did she brand you whoever you are. Did she turn you down for sex? Or are you one of Keith’s slaves trying to make put Allison as the one to blame?

    Get a fucking life! I live in the UK and this shit keeps showing in my news feed. Fuck off and get a fucking life you sad cunt!

    • her twitter account which has been full of hatrid since last March or so.
      I’m reporting it to the feds!

      Why is her account full of hatred?
      Is it because of the horrible way she treated women?

      By the way the First Amendment of the US Constitution protects ‘Hate Speech’.
      That’s why I can say that the British Royal Family is full of inbred idiots who protected the notorious BBC pedophile Jimmy Savile for decades while he molested over 400 girls.

      Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal
      In late 2012, almost a year after his death, reports surfaced indicating that Savile had committed sexual abuse throughout his 50-year career, his alleged victims ranging from prepubescent girls and boys to adults.

      Report that to the Feds.

    • Thank you Toby. I wonder is shadow stalker is really Frank’s alter ego.Only someone in NXIVM could work up this much hate for this because they knew her personally and rebuffed their own perverted advances.

      • Your obsession with having to comment on everything is equally as disturbing. You and the shadowboy are both in need of mental health care. Two juveniles in need of maturity.

    • Azalea:
      I confidently predict that Allison Mack will never again attend a Comic Con in Ecuador or anyplace else.
      Would you invite her to a Comic Con attended by children?
      Would you cast her for a movie or TV show?

      • Shadow do you know what I love about your posts? Not the actual posts themselves but the fact that some of Nxivm faithful feel compelled to read the posts to see if there is any useful information or if anyone comments something useful…….
        Also Shadowstate69,
        the fact that you piss of Allison Mack groupies including Azelia every-time and then ScottJohnson defends you is priceless…..

        • I enjoy speaking truth to the NXIVM trolls.
          They’ve been living so long in Raniere’s Fantasyland that they no longer recognize facts.
          I troll the NXIVM trolls with the truth.

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