Heidi Hutchinson

Heidi: Keith is foremost about protecting, reinforcing, propagating his delusion of superiority

By Heidi Hutchinson

I’ve thought quite a bit about why Keith Raniere started DOS. I thought about it also, especially, in the context of why KAR is so angry and determined to destroy me, as I believe he did destroy my sister and many others — his former lovers who left, former business associates, and “friends”.

The beast even sued his own father!

Best answer I can offer is this:

KAR is foremost about protecting, reinforcing, and propagating his delusion of superiority, power, control and omnipotence.

For Keith, the sex gratified far more than a voracious appetite that way. It fed his delusions that he is this most masterful, sex-healer guru; superior to any mere mortal man in that regard too. On top of his superior IQ, world reknown problem solving, athletic, musical, etc. superiority.

Gina talked about being “energized” by Keith’s mere touch in a sort of twilight, hypnotic state I believe they did often have her in.

Gina got older and wiser, became educated (she eventually went to college after quitting high school for Keith to become her mentor), traveled beyond Albany. KAR was threatened she’d lose her faith in his teachings and ways and have the delusions KAR instilled in her about him shattered; which in turn — in KAR’s warped view — threatened his own delusions about himself.

I think the branding was KAR’s solution for not only “owning” all the girls he conquered, but maintaining his own power delusions with them as the harem grew larger, the girls got older and, some, grew out of KAR’s mind control and threatened to expose and shatter his deception and own self-deception.

The thing I’ve always feared most about exposing KAR  — the thing I think HE could least tolerate and retaliates most against me is the revelation that he is not the genius, superior being he has spent a lifetime convincing himself and others he is.


Gina had a pet iguana named “Iggy.” She and KAR and probably Kristin Keeffe set him loose around the Consumer Buyline warehouse — one of her “trickster Goddess” (Boddisatvas are known to play pranks) — to scare everybody. They said KAR taught Iggy to talk, too, but I never heard a peep out of him. We also DID have a dog that approximated saying “hewoo” or hello and “I wuff ooo” I love you. True story. From what I’ve seen of Nicki Clyne, she’s the most like Gina of any of the current harem.


I think Bangkok is likely Dennis Burke trying to desperately dissuade and deceive anyone from learning the truth of the deaths — which might mean the death of his businesses if not his law license and certainly the loss of his most lucrative client(s) if not mean his own “Salinas style” death if “Deez” is to be believed.


Keith was frantic when Kristin Keeffe escaped. He had his Mexican goons all over me thinking I was harboring her. I know Kristin sent other messages, warnings to me, to all of us, on Saratoga In Decline.

I hope she and others understand the dire need for me, all Gina’s relatives and friends, all of us, to know what “The Rat” meant and how Keith and other accomplices contributed to her and others’ deaths and other crimes.

I really believe Kristin and young Gaelen will never be safe until all’s told and there’s nothing more, no collateral remaining, to hold over anyone’s heads.


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  • LOL at the Bangkok comment.

    Frank, with all due respect… You should stop Heidi from embarrassing herself with these comments since you already know that ‘Bangkok’ is the same person who posted as “Hot Sauce & Pizza, Pussy Sans Garlic”. I make no attempt to disguise myself when I change my name, since my writing style is obvious to anybody reading.

    …And “Hot Sauce & Pizza” posted some of the most anti-Keith and anti-Clare posts ever (including his flaccid cock), which really makes me wonder why an adult human being (like Heidi) would think that Dennis Burke would post such hateful posts about the man he supposedly worships (Keith) and the woman who supposedly pays his bills (Clare).

    Methinks Heidi is so desperate to believe in her conspiracy theories that she’s having a crack with reality and ignoring common sense logic.

    Didn’t Heidi also claim that Scott & Flowers were the same exact person a while ago? How did that “conspiracy theory” turn out for Heidi’s credibility here? LOL.

    Not sure how Heidi’s credibility will hold up if she keeps up this nonsense.

    She kinda reminds me of Keith, in a certain sense. If you speak out against anything she says, she automatically classifies you as being involved in a “conspiracy” against her (just like Keith does). lol.

    Truth is, I can speak out against Keith and his flaccid dick along with Clare and her ugly mule face WHILE also speaking out against some of Heidi’s dumb and illogical claims about NXIVM’s involvement in those 2 suicides. It’s called being objective. This isn’t high school. I’m not in anybody’s clique.

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