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What can fill vape if there is no special liquid

An electronic cigarette is not a novelty. Its use for quite a long time is gaining popularity among fans. And for a good reason. After all, this type of smoking brings less harm to human health, and it is quite fashionable. On the market, there are many special liquids for electronic cigarettes. They differ in quality, composition (including the presence or absence of nicotine in them) and the flavors used. The experience of manufacturers pushes users of this device to independent experiments, and a natural question arises before them – what can fill vape if there is no liquid?

What can replace the liquid for electronic cigarettes?

If you have a question about how you can refill an electronic cigarette, the answer should be the only possible one – a special vape liquid. The composition of the liquid is balanced, which guarantees the correct operation of the device and thick aromatic steam. However, many are experimenting, changing the recipe, looking for their flavor, independently adjust the strength and other characteristics and come up with their own unique muck. Some people strongly recommend , where they put not a particular liquid, but something new and unusual for most vapers and people who smoke.

An electronic cigarette can be refilled with a similar solution of its own preparation, which should include the following components:

– propylene glycol (it has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, however, if the recommended proportions are not observed and the dosage is slightly increased, it inhibits the nervous system, causes allergies and breathing problems);

-glycerin (needed for steam density and saturation);

– aromatizer (natural, food, along with dyes causes allergies);

– nicotine (added optionally, it is desirable to use the purified version; it should not be forgotten that this substance has a toxic effect on the body, is deadly poisonous and has high narcotic properties).

To deviate from the original composition and the proportions conceived by the manufacturer, as well as to use low-quality products and ingredients should not be, as this can harm the body or damage the e-cigarette itself.

It is allowed to dilute the liquid solution for electronic cigarettes with vegetable glycerin or nicotine-free base. This is done to reduce the strength of the finished product. It is possible to change the properties of steam and taste, for example, when using glycerin for dilution:

– the taste will be less bright than before;

– the quantity and quality of steam will increase – it will become thicker;

– some glycerin flavor may be present in a pair.


Is it possible to pour water into an electronic cigarette without consequences?

The next question that arises with some vapers is whether it is possible to fill an e-cigarette with water? Ecig- a device designed to work with mixtures with special characteristics. Replacing several balanced components can lead to breakage. In addition, a change in the composition of the solution leads to the appearance of soot, the appearance of burning taste, a significant difference in the characteristics of steam, etc.

If you pour water into a device cartridge or dilute a vape liquid with water, then: the aroma will disappear; steam will become faint; there will be an unpleasant taste.

Despite this, some amateurs still try to fill the electronic cigarette with water, while not receiving either pleasure or a positive result.

Factory mixtures may contain a small amount of water to improve the physicochemical properties of the product, but this is rather the exception since glycerol already contains the necessary amount of liquid. Besides, only distilled water can be poured into an e-cig since the use of other water can lead to poisoning due to the content of harmful impurities.

What not to do?

There are many stories about what will happen if you fill an electronic cigarette with extraneous liquids. What you should never fill vape:

-juices (both packaged and freshly squeezed);

– lemonade, carbonated drinks;

-coffee Tea;-alcoholic drinks.

The last point is the most dangerous because at best it leads to a breakdown of the device, and at worst – to severe poisoning. Alcohol getting into the blood does not cause as much harm as inhaled alcohol fumes. Also, alcohol-containing substances are highly flammable, and the solution may flare from the wick. The objective decision in this situation will be the purchase of factory liquid with your favorite flavor.

For lovers of experiments – self-kits

If you want to stand out or save money, you can make best e-cig liquid at home. The composition of the special fluid for vape is balanced, and it is advisable to follow it when self-made. The recipe of this self-made liquid includes propylene glycol and glycerin (60% and 40%) – they are designed for vaping, natural flavors, nicotine (preferably purified). The ingredients used must be of good quality and should be bought only in specialized stores. With a certain experience and knowledge of all proportions, you can get a good and rich, thick steam. For handmade juice, it is also necessary to strictly observe all the required portions. The classic recipe consists of glycerol 40%; propylene glycol 60%; flavor 15-20 drops. If glycerin is initially lacking water, it is added in a volume of 9-10 drops. The same amount is given to nicotine. Unless, of course, it will be included in the slush. The nicotinic supplement is better to buy good quality, purified from all additional impurities.

Liquids for filling in electronic cigarettes should be prepared for 1 time. An important feature of this solution is that it needs to stand for at least 12 hours, avoiding direct sunlight. Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular due to their practicality and convenience. But in to be able to use a modern device for a long time, it is necessary to know what and how to refill it.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.

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