Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, one of the top figures in the Arizona Mafia, and attorney for Clare Bronfman.
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Guest View: Who is really the brains behind the Bronfman trust that pays the attorneys in Nxivm case

Guest View by The Truth

Let’s consider the important questions and truths being revealed here!

1. Question: Who has been paying for legal counsel for apparently all (or practically all) defendants and/or witnesses in the Nxivm case?

Answer: Clare Bronfman!

2. Question: By taking on the extraordinary role of funding practically all of the defense lawyers, who is trying to control the entire defense strategy of the case?

Answer: Clare Bronfman! But was Clare the designer of this sophisticated, coordinated legal effort?

Surely, such a complex legal defense effort involving precise, coordinated efforts by 20+ attorneys, could not be the result of a strategy designed by Clare alone. So, the next logical question is:

3. Question: Who advises Clare Bronfman?

Answer: Disgraced/previously censured and fined former federal prosecutor, Dennis K. Burke! (Who is now under investigation in the Nxivm case, himself!)

And, therefore, the next logical question to ask is:

4. Question: Who does Dennis Burke take his instructions from, if not Clare and not Raniere? Because Burke didn’t have a preexisting friendship with Keith Raniere.

Answer: The answer to question #4 may be the biggest unanswered question in the entire Nxivm case.

Conclusion: With the final answer to the above questions, the truth is revealed about who is trying to thwart the government’s prosecution of Nxivm, with Clare’s money!

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