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Heidi: Nxivm is behind the harassment of my family

Editor’s note: Recently, Heidi posted a story about a troubling incident that occurred at her home in Los Angeles when police, acting on an anonymous tip, came looking for her and her son. Many have agreed that it was suspicious and possibly Nxivm-related. A few have argued that Heidi is imagining a Nxivm connection.

By Heidi Hutchinson

Thank you, much! Really do appreciate all the well-wishers on this thread.

And for the naysayers who doubt this incident is NX-related, here’s why I think it could be:

1. At recent court hearings, Keith Raniere has said through his counsel what he believes: “His enemies are responsible for these wrongful indictments and THERE ARE NOT THAT MANY OF THEM.” – KAR

Keith believes, has always believed, if only he quashes his enemies, he will never be held to account for anything. He SAID as much at court in handcuffs. He STILL THINKS only these “enemies” stand between him and his freedom to continue on with business as usual.

2. The possible hands-on perpetrators of this harassment could still be on the Bronfman/Salinas payroll and/or seeking their payoff in other or additional ways.

In fact, some of NX’s attorneys such as Dennis Burke and John Sandweg, well all 22 of them, really, are at or near the climax of this shark feeding frenzy, competing to tear away the largest chunk of that Trust fund that’s going fast. Doing KAR’s bidding — destroying, discrediting those “enemies” —is still Clare’s mandate as well.

3. The harassment is not new and prior incidents from the time Kristin Keeffe left, to the period KAR was hiding out in Mexico, to harassment by the “Silver Plume Co.” aka “Anima,” to immediately following my CBC interview taped last April, before even Mack was indicted — were directly related to NX.

4. This most recent harassment is, I believe, linked to a federally-contracted caregiver agency which, as I’ve previously stated, sent caregivers mimicking NX character names and the set of characters Gibraltar sent were all very strange — attempting some sort of fraud entrapment or manipulating me into using the internet, etc. Frank Parlato witnessed these and other antics — of course, there were witnesses prior to and in addition to him.

5. This was all set in motion by NX and Mexi-NX at least months ago with these and other agencies who may have and still hope to see a payoff and have further possibly convinced other players — one of whom was caught and will be deported should I fully prosecute, which I had hoped not to have to for Karmic reasons — they will be rewarded.

Unfortunately, there might also be some perceived advantage to agencies or businesses to go along with or help. For example, some contractors prefer private-pay to govt. or insurance rates. If my son’s services are terminated and insurance cancelled over my negligence, caregivers might have to be private-paid. Three parties benefit; one, my son, loses. Without even having a Bronfman dime to look forward to.

6. Somebody on here really does not like what I have to say on here. And it ain’t just Scott and Flowers as I’d hoped. As Dr. Festinger notes: they are trying to get under Heidi’s skin. And, I’ll add, they appear to be using information only a few are aware of to try to do so.


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  • Heidi, you just want to inform us or is this your life insurance for you and your family. Even though it’s often said
    that there is no karma. Do you want it to stop or do you want these people to be punished? I am for punishment.
    And I’m not one to warn. There is nothing in between.

  • Heidi, who has posted information here that only a few are aware of? Sometimes I notice little things are posted here that appear to be connected to those who harassed me,(things such as the date April 20th and certain song titles) but those things could be purely coincidencal. The things you notice might be coincidence as well.

  • How many people experience the loss of people they know personally via suicide?? Think about that for a moment.

    The only person that comes to mind for me is Keith Raniere. Odd or not suicide??

    There is no statute of limitation on murder!
    If it were my sister, brother or friend, I would certainly want the truth!

    I have seen cold murder cases solved some 20 years later by unusual events. I hope for all three families that these cases are solved.
    These families need real closure.

  • Heidi:
    Stay Strong.

    NXIVM is up to its old tricks.
    Raniere and Bronfman have learned nothing new and that’s why they and their Flying Monkeys must be defeated.

    Message to Pea Onyu.
    Pea, you have tried to justify the persecution of John Tighe, Joe O’Hara, Frank Parlato, Toni Natale, Rick Ross and numerous other NXIVM critics.
    How do you justify the persecution of a NXIVM critic that could result in denying paid medical care to a child?

  • One would think that reality would have set in for the people still involved with NXIVM/ESP/DOS. The fact is Raniere has a prior fraud history, and has been less than truthful regarding his genius and talent levels, even by his own attorneys admission in an interview on TV. Eventually, even the most dedicated family members come to see fault in their kin. It almost seems that those continuing to fight now are either irrational or they are being leveraged out of fear. I can’t think of any other way they could possibly explain it.

    And what kind of reputable person or organization builds itself by discrediting others (besides NXIVM or Scientology)? Most people avoid those types of personalities in their day to day lives, let alone belonging to one…

  • IMO, action is karmic when it is done unconsciously.
    If you have full acceptance of all aspects of the life situation (meaning one has accepted the anger, resentment, etc., as if it will be there forever), and determine your action from a deep place of inner knowing (instead of superficial thoughts & emotions), there is no karma created by action taken, even if that action could appear on the surface to harm someone.

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