Allow me to make some disclosures as this is an OPED column and you should know the basis for my opinions. I know a little about everything, a lot about a few things and everything about nothing!

I do know a lot about what I did for almost three decade as a FBI criminal Agent. I participated in numerous, high profile criminal investigations from all angles. I drew up legal documents for arrest, search, seizure and Title 3 warrants. I participated in all aspects of the related investigations; surveillance, interview, arrests, searching, seizing, Title 3 monitoring, testifying, reporting…you name it!

I only know what I have read about the Roger Stone case and indictment and never met him, but my opinion is based upon, to some extent, what is said and how it is stated in the indictment. If you know how it works you can deduce a great deal just from the “wording”.

In my opinion, some of what is spelled out in the indictment came from wiretap(s) information. The only wiretap that Mueller used on this case is or originated from, the Carter Page FISA warrant. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the Carter Page FISA wiretap will be Judged illegal when it is challenged in any court! It is not possible for the phony PC to be able to pass the test of Jurist Prudence, period. The Probable Cause, PC, is founded on a Dossier that the Director of the FBI  himself, said is, “Unverified and salacious”, on National Television in Jan 2017. If it was “unverified and salacious” in Jan 2017, it was the same when Comey, Yates and all the others signed the FISA documents. Next, the origination of the PC foundation Document, the Dossier, was Hillary Clinton. These facts were intentionally withheld from the FISA Court Applications…I rest my case!!!

ANYTHING that Mueller’s team garnished as a result of or from  the Page wire will be determined to be fruits of the poison tree and useless. Also, if I were an attorney, I would take Carter Page’s civil suit against Comey, Yates, Strzok, McCabe, Rosenstein et al, on a contingency basis for 5%!

Stone talking to WikiLeaks is not a crime. Stone talking Julian Assange is not a crime. Stone garnishing opposition info on Hillary Clinton from any source he wants…is not a crime. If it is… somebody better tell Mueller that Hillary is the one who paid for the Dossier…apparently nobody told Mueller?!  

It appears that there are no substantive crimes that are charged against Stone. Most is based upon supposition, innuendo and probability that he must have said or done something illegal because he worked with/for Donald Trump and talked to somebody Mueller believes to be a criminal.

Stone lying to the FBI that he talked to Assange or lying about what he had for breakfast …is a crime… as much of a crime, as what General Flynn, Manafort, Popadopolis or anybody else who  was charged with lying by Mueller, plead to!

Somebody please explain to Mueller that if somebody associated with Donald Trump, that is not PC of a crime, no matter what Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch or Barack Obama may have told him.

For Christ’s sakes Mueller, GIVE IT UP,  a SWAT Team to arrest Roger Stone…really? You are an embarrassment to law enforcement!!!

Bobby …we need to talk… what the FBI is supposed to do is put CRIMINALS in jail….not Martha Stewart, General Flynn, Popodoplis, et al…for lying to you!

You spent $25-$30 million… for WHAT?

Stone is charged with lying that he maintained records, emails, etc about the DNC hacking. Hillary Clinton  destroyed over 30,000 emails that were under subpoena. Destroying evidence, under subpoena is a substantive, Felony Crime. Stone destroyed nothing and is charged with lying that he had it…a non substantive crime, if true. When is Clinton’s indictment due?

What about the equal rights Amendment? Let’s be fair and equitable, most of the following lied under oath and admitted it; James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Samantha Powers , Susan Rice…let’s clear the books of liars and nail them all…there’s much more from Obama’s Administration…give me a call!

You want Russian Collusion to effect a Presidential Election…Hillary Clinton hired Fusion GPS to do that very Criminal Act! You want paying for DIRT on an opponent Presidential Candidate…Hillary Clinton paid for the Fusion GPS DOSSIER on her opponent, Donald Trump. Didn’t anybody tell you that?  

The info that Stone garnered was true. The info Clinton garnered from Fusion GPS that was put into the Dossier is …phony. Go get her!

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  • And once again your go-to argument is that yeah, he’s guilty but he should get off on a technicality. Says a lot.
    As for what Stone did not being a crime, well that will be for a court to decide, won’t it?
    And bringing up the cost of the investigation and saying “For what?”? Well a dozen of Trumps senior campaign, transition and White House people have already been indicted or pled guilty.
    That’s far more than anyone got on Hillary? How long did the Benghazi investigations go on for? Were you criticizing them for spending all that money and asking “For what?”?
    The Mueller investigation is just getting going. How will Trump react when it’s his kids being arrested and facing long jail sentences? Will he cave in like he did today with the shutdown? He gave in and agreed to reopen the government in return for zero wall funding.

    • “And BTW, I’m not American. I’m from the other side of the Atlantic”. Not sure why you want to spend so much time commenting on OPED columns. You might want to spend more time fact checking. President Trump did not give in. He was willing to make concessions and do what was best for the country while others were on excursions, vacations, etc. Maybe you would be better served focusing on your own political environment.

      • “Make concessions”? He conceded. He caved. And he got zero concessions in return. Pelosi didn’t offer or give anything. I thought Trump was supposed to be a great deal maker? The last month got him nothing. Zero. Zilch. But put nearly a million working Americans through the wringer, unable to afford food and rent. Even the Coastguard went unpaid. And all for what?

        • Carl – you are entitled to an opinion, but since you are not American and from the other side of the Atlantic, I am not sure why you care. Unless you are on the “front lines” and have direct evidence to back up your comments, nothing bears witness to the truth. I am certainly not interested in offering my opinion on your political environment. As I said before, maybe you would be better served focusing on your own.

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