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Updated: Stone released on $250,000 bond – makes statement, ‘I am innocent’ and ‘I will not bear false witness against the president’

Roger Stone was released on $250,000 signature bond. He doesn’t have to put any money up for the bond so long as he appears before the court when required.

Stone was arrested at 6 am this morning by FBI agents who handcuffed and shackled him – and then searched his house in Florida and his apartment in New York City.

He is charged with the process crimes of witness intimidation and lying to Congress – and not for colluding or conspiring with Russians to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

According to published reports,  when asked by the judge to turn in his passport, Stone said, “I do not have a valid passport, it is expired”.  Stone will also have to submit to substance abuse testing as part of what was agreed to in pre-trial.

Stone’s travel is restricted, by judge’s order to:  South Florida [where he lives], the Eastern District of New York, and the Eastern District of Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Stone’s attorney, Grant Smith, said, “They found no Russian collusion or they would have charged him with it. Roger Stone is vindicated by the fact there was no Russian collusion.”
To date, numerous Americans have been indicted by Mueller’s grand juries but none have been charged with colluding with Russians, which was said to be the purpose of appointing Mueller as special counsel 20 months ago.
Stone has been charged with process crimes – which are not crimes related to the subject of the investigation [i.e. Russian collusion] but, instead, crimes that are alleged to have been committed during the process of the investigation [i.e. lying to Congress, etc.]
Stone’s attorney says he did not lie, but that he made minor, “immaterial” misstatements that were based on memory lapses.
Stone’s staff send out this message on Stone’s Instagram this morning: “This morning’s news is deeply saddening. Robert Mueller’s early morning raid was straight out of the gestapo’s playbook. We must fight for Roger Stone… now more than ever. If they can do this to Roger… they are coming for us next! – staff”
CNN was on hand for the arrest in the predawn morning, leading some to question how they were tipped off to be there.
FBI in riot gear approach Roger Stone’s house in Fort Lauderdale Florida. It is not clear why Stone was not permitted to surrender to the court as other defendants in the Mueller probe have been allowed to do. The FBI proceeded to raid Stone’s home and left with several boxes of material.

After his release, Stone said outside the courthouse, “I will plead not guilty to these charges, I will defeat them in court, I believe this is a politically motivated investigation.”

Stone also said he would not bear false witness against President Trump.

Stone said he is falsely accused and both he and his attorney said they found the tactics this morning at his house disturbing.

His attorney said Stone was not in hiding and that a mere phone call would have been sufficient to get Stone to appear in court.

While he spoke a crowd of hecklers gathered outside the courthouse and unsuccessfully tried to shout him down and prevent him from speaking.

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  • Unrelated to the post, but…

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  • In regards to all the people who have been arrested or indicted in this investigation – they have all been caught in lies. Why were they lying if they were innocent? Obviously, they are trying to hide certain facts.

    If they are innocent- then they have nothing to worry about.

    • Were they caught in lies? The people who interviewed Flynn said he didn’t lie, but then others threatened to destroy him and his family, so he admitted to lying. This isn’t the first time this has happened, there is much similar abuse in the system.

  • Such BS. And Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin will never be charged with anything. Some justice system we’ve got.

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