Nice Guy: Keith has become a true renunciate – now that he’s in jail

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By Nice Guy

Frank you forgot to mention a few things in your post – The world of Keith Raniere, now and then: 10 months in jail for the Vanguard today! about our favorite renunciate Kieth:

1. Federal prison rules bar masturbation or other forms of self sexual gratification. Poor Kieth once had many sexual partners now he is not even allowed touch himself. Kieth no longer suffers from the vice of sex.

2. Prisoners are given a uniform and exchange it for another laundered used uniform weekly. He does not technically possess any true personal clothing, prison issued or otherwise. Kieth has no true clothing of his own now.

3. The toilet and sink in his Rat cage cell are so close together that his urine probably splashes on the sink at times. Perhaps he now sits when he pees. Kieth must pee like a woman and be fully emasculated and metaphorically castrated.

4. Kieth must share his commissary with other inmates or have money put on the commissary accounts of other inmates. The prison extortion rackets exist even in federal prison solitary confinement. Why do think Kieth was actually head butted? Seriously.

Kieth now must share with his fellow man.

Oddly enough, sending Kieth Raniere to jail has enabled Kieth to become a true renunciate in every way for the last 10 months.

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