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PRETTY VICIOUS Reveal New Track “These Four Walls”



“‘Move’ is a cyclone of pent-up energy-the churning guitars are made for an equally unruly audience to dance to.”  Paste
“A biting, daring return…” – Clash Music
“The four-piece unleash guitars that dominate your eardrums and some explosive drums that will leave your head spinning. Raw vocals prevail in more ways than one and makes the track that more unparalleled. Pretty Vicious have something to say and we are more than willing to listen intently.” Gig Goer 
“Raw, angry, buzzsaw guitars are the catalyst to make Pretty Vicious move through this snapshot of punk rock.  Move is so magnificently basic without sounding like it was recorded in a shed. I guarantee that this will get your pulse racing and maybe your teeth bared like a wolf. This is an aural assault in the rawest sense.  You couldn’t write a dissertation on it, but you don’t need to. Take it in. Feel the pure sound of Pretty Vicious.” – Popped Music (UK)
Pretty Viciousthe UK band that initially caused the London A&R scene to go all-in on an unruly gang of teenagers from the Welsh valleys, reveal their latest track “These Four Walls.” The track is off their highly anticipated debut album on Big Machine/John Varvatos Records out later this year.

“These Four Walls” is Pretty Vicious’ own brand of youthful abandon at its raucous best. A snarling call to the dancefloor, its glorious millennial grunge is fueled by rowdy, infectious musicianship, always teetering on the brink of chaos. Singer Brad Griffiths’ primal howl perfectly sums up the youthful dreams and the frustrations of small town mundanity, delivered with the confidence of a frontman who knows he and his last-gang-in-town are, finally, equipped to carry the flag of their rock’n’roll forefathers.

Following the band’s return with their Top 30 hit “Move” and a knockout set at Reading and Leedsin August, “Are You Entertained?” lays down another undeniable marker as Pretty Vicious’ return continues to build momentum ahead of their long-awaited debut album in 2019.

With recording for the album now complete with producer Dan Austin (You Me At Six, Twin Atlantic, Pulled Apart By Horses), Pretty Vicious have packed more highs and lows, disappointments and triumphs into their fledgling careers than most bands manage in a lifetime. The teenage Merthyr four piece were only four gigs into their existence when an unseemly A&R scrum plucked them from their small-town Welsh roots and dropped them into an industry whirlwind they were barely equipped to survive. As managers and executives squabbled over the direction the prodigiously talented yet gloriously untamed teenagers should take, the industry and the process chewed them up and spat them out. 

A few have experienced this familiar story of too much, too young. Fewer still have had the confidence, belief, and raw talent to drag themselves back from the brink and deliver a future classic brimming with youthful dreams and the frustrations of small-town mundanity. After their (now ex) management had reached a dead end with the initial recording process and a string of incompatible producers, fate conspired to drop a copy of their raw demos on the desks of Big Machine Label Group President/CEO Scott Borchetta and iconic fashion designer John Varvatos, who were in the process of creating a rock label together. Immediately recognizing their immense raw potential, they wasted no time in bringing them into the fold. Suddenly the stars aligned, and with a new management team behind them, Pretty Vicious found themselves within a structure – Big Machine/John Varvatos Records in the US and long-time supporters Virgin / EMI in the UK – to unlock their immense potential.

Still all under the age of 21 and having experienced the music industry at its most turbulent, Pretty Vicious are a band that have now found their footing and have unlocked the potential of how powerful their music truly is; with every scream and guitar screech, they’re one step closer to replicating the arena rock success of their forefathers. They have the songs, anthemic and heavy, as well as a youthful zeal that feels like a breath of fresh air in a staid rock scene.

Pretty Vicious are Brad Griffiths, Elliot Jones, Jarvis Morgan and Tom McCarthy.
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