Shadow: What is Kathy Russell hiding about Allison Mack and DOS?

By Shadow State 1958

The true story about Kathy Russell literally makes me sick to my stomach.  The least culpable person is set up to take the fall for the fiendish Grifters of NXIVM.

A woman who does the taxes for NXIVM and its numerous front companies is ridiculed as stupid.

Why would a stupid person be hired to do NXIVM’s taxes? For years?

Because she would be easy to lie to. Because she wouldn’t ask too many questions.

Was Kathy Russell’s initial lawyer, William Fanciullo, incompetent or corrupt?  A lawyer fresh out of law school could negotiate an immunity deal with the DOJ in return for Grand Jury testimony.

Did NXIVM money (Bronfman money) find its way to Fanciullo?

Frank Report asked this question: Kathy Russell invoked the 5th Amendment in the grand jury when she was asked whether she was a member of DOS.

Later on, her attorneys, in making a motion to sever her trial from Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s trial, used the argument that Russell was not a member of DOS.

Why couldn’t Russell just answer the question in the grand jury – of whether she was a member of DOS – with a “No”?

What is so sacrosanct about NXIVM and DOS that it can’t be talked about?

This passage reminds me of what the slave “Jane” told Frank Parlato in her interview:

FR: Did you ever meet Allison?

Jane: She was my friend. I promised her loyalty She is my Mistress. I am not allowed to talk about meeting Ally…

What is Kathy Russell hiding about Mistress Ally and DOS?

Why would Kathy Russell be so reluctant to talk about Mistress Ally and DOS?

What does loyalty to Mistress Ally entail?

What stories can’t be told about Mistress Ally and DOS?

That Ally, like her predecessor, Pam Cafritz, was tasked with recruiting underage girls for the Vanguard?

That NXIVM/ money (Bronfman money) was given to Mistress Ally to pay for the Clifton Park townhouse rented by Allison – where the DOS slaves were branded?

That NXIVM money (Bronfman money) was given to Mistress Ally to rent her $3,000 per month swank apartment in Brooklyn where NXIVM/DOS activities took place including branding?

That some of the NXIVM DOS slaves were kept compliant by being force-fed drugs?

(A rumor on the gossip site Crazy Days and Nights.)

Sara Bronfman Igtet named in Crazy Days and Nights Blind Item about forced sex with Allison Mack, India Oxenberg and Keith Raniere

Who had authority to disburse NXIVM money?

Keith Raniere, the Vanguard?

Clare Bronfman, the Legatus?

Nancy Salzman, the Prefect?

It’s time for Kathy Russell to save herself by making a plea deal and cooperate.

Don’t expect Keith, Clare, Allison or Nancy to save you.

They are all Grifters and Gangsters.

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  • I’m sorry but what is it about her nose in this photo that is so distinctive it looks surgically implanted…or photo shopped in? Lol.

  • People are given immunity if the case is weak and/or can help putting the pieces together. The Feds have probably been at this long enough and have enough information that they don’t need Russell’s help any longer, her immunity window of opportunity closed months ago. Why reopen the window if the Feds don’t need Russel any longer?

  • There is nobody who has stayed in NXIVM or left and not denounced them that is not culpable.
    She knew what she was writing checks for, like no repay loans for keeping quiet about Kristin Snyder.

  • Just have Kathy drop trou.
    If you see a third degree keloid aka brand….GOTCHA!
    I am so funny I made myself laugh.
    Honestly Kathy should be smart, give up the goods, get immunity and save her own skin, for what it’s worth.

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