One Night: The real reason Agnifilo made Raniere bail motion – to put ‘pressure’ on Penza

By One Night in Bangkok

Keith isn’t trying to SERIOUSLY get out of jail on bail with this motion.

Marc Agnifilo is not stupid regardless of what people may think about his lack of morals. Thus, Marc’s not dumb enough to think he’s got even a .00000001% chance to get Keith out on bail with this motion. Nope.

Also… Frank’s assessment of Keith’s chances to be released on bail is borderline idiotic and sounds like something that Claviger would have said.

Frank said that Keith is extremely UNLIKELY to get released on bail, either with or without the $1 Million dollar bond, thus implying it’s possible but unlikely.

In reality there is ZERO chance this judge will reverse his previous rulings and let Keith out on bail with this watered down motion, since he’s already denied bail with more substantial bail amounts offered.

Not only that, but the judge denied those previous motions using ‘logic’ that hasn’t changed during the last few months (i.e. the judge ruled that Keith is both a flight risk and a danger to witnesses).

These two facts haven’t changed while his fat ass has been sitting in a prison cell getting beat up by prison bullies for the last 10 months.

Not to mention the fact that putting up a mere $300k cash (to secure a $1 million bond) is just ‘tip’ money for any NXIVM followers, since they’re likely to be repaid by Bronfman cash in the future should they lose such money, if Keith flees.

Thus, the judge has no basis to reverse his previous rulings without looking like a moron and becoming the laughingstock of NY, since by doing that he’d be admitting that his previous rulings were based upon bogus logic.

The ONLY thing Frank is correct about is the TRUE reason for this motion.

Marc Agnifilo simply wants to put ‘pressure’ on Penza to announce the next superseding indictment and/or to get Penza to begin giving the defense more discovery material. He’s just trying to move things along. That’s the ONLY reason for this motion.

Marc is not stupid. He may be greedy but he’s not a stupid lawyer.

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  • Good article. Alternative perspective that contributes to the public discourse. One night I am definitely not a fan yours, however your take on the court proceedings is interesting.

  • Agnifilo swore on a stack of Bibles with “God as my witness,” he would rep Raniere for free —such is his conviction in his client’s innocence…except for maybe the fleeing to Mexico part…on, perhaps, the advice of different counsel who may be likened to that slithery serpent in the Garden of Eden.

    So, while we’re reading minds today on FR, strikes me that Aggie might in fact sincerely want his client out and/or KAR and Mack promptly tried before HE has to make good on that generous pro bono offer and/or before a defendant does flip and/or before a Mexican “royal” gets indicted and/or before Burke and Sandweg take the fall on those looming immigration fraud charges…

    NOT to “put pressure on Moira Penza,” yada, yada, as Bang Cocky’s orafice predicts.

    …Question, Bang Cocky, a flip or plea deal will only likely seal Raniere’s fate and drive him (and Mack) to an even lower rung of eternal damnation — why would Agnifilo press for that?

    (I could see, however, where Burke might think his own ass won’t combust as fast in that scenario — if the flipper covers for him and Sandweg. Or is “sucks Mexico’s dick” all you have to say about Burke?)

  • “Marc is not stupid. He may be greedy but he’s not a stupid lawyer.”

    You are correct. Some of the people that comment here I consider stupid.

    Adnifilo is certainly greedy like most lawyers and politicians.

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