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Diversified Rehab Opens 11th Clinic Location

Dr. Salvatore Gruttadauria, President and CEO of Diversified Rehabilitation Services, is proud to announce that the 11th Rehabilitative and Audiology clinic has opened on The Amberleigh’s 23 acre campus at 2330 Maple Road, Williamsville, New York.

“Diversified Rehabilitation Services at The Amberleigh is open to the public.  This unique   cutting edge joint venture with The Amberleigh produces a dynamic environment, placing rehab services directly where they need to be,” stated AnnMarie Valle, Chief Operating Officer for Diversified.  “When Dr. Gruttadauria and I met with The Amberleigh’s leadership team we could feel the energy and excitement build as we planned on how best to expand their campus services for those who live there,” she continued.

“Our goal is to continuously search for and implement systems, programs and partnerships that improve the lives of those who have entrusted us with their care and wellbeing.  Diversified was an obvious partner with local ownership with over 36 years experience, cutting edge systems and ‘out of the box’ thinking focusing on both therapeutic rehab and wellness activities,” Jonathan Hart, Executive Director of The Amberleigh explained.   “Recent changes in our health care system, most notably the Affordable Care Act, have been designed to push care out of brick and mortar locations and to bring it back into the community.  Our community and campus will benefit greatly from access to adult and pediatric rehabilitative and audiology services designed not only to help people recover from an illness or injury but to also prevent injuries.  These services will allow our seniors to live independently, longer,” Hart noted.

“Our Neurologic and Vestibular Certified Therapists are uniquely qualified to help maintain and in many cases, re-establish a level of independence many seniors have yearned for,” Dr. Gruttadauria commented.  “I have taken a keen interest in focusing my staff’s training on issues related to dizziness and balance, the two most recognized reasons leading to loss of independence and necessitating a higher level of care.  We all know that dizziness and balance issues can lead to falls and falls lead to a host of unfortunate situations.  Our focus is on addressing the dizziness and improving balance by utilizing state of the art interventions, thereby maintaining independence and improving quality of life.”   “We aren’t going to stop at just helping to rehabilitate a person after a serious life event,” predicts Steven Gruttadauria, Director of Operations.  “Our focus will be equally on developing wellness opportunities.  One such opportunity will be a Senior Boxing program with the focus on developing a stronger core, better balance, and greater range of motion for those who choose to participate,” he explained.  For more information on how to schedule an appointment with Diversified Rehabilitation Services at The Ambergleigh please call 716-362-1552 or e-mail

The Amberleigh is a 267 unit Independent, Assisted and Enhanced Assisted Living Campus located on a secluded 23 acre campus right in the heart of the shops and restaurants near the corner of Maple and Transit roads. The Assisted Living Wing also includes a 17 unit Memory Care program.  This apartment style living offers seniors the opportunity to enjoy their independence in a community of their peers.  For more information regarding becoming a resident of The Amberleigh’s campus please call Admissions at 716- 689-4555, stop by 2330 Maple Road, Williamsville, New York or email or

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