Pictures from Monday – Clare looking thinner than ever – said to be about 85 lbs

Thanks to the Daily Mail, and Radar Online, we have pictures of all but two of the Nxivm defendants taken outside court, on Monday, January 28, 2019.

The Daily Mail’s headline is humorous – calling Clare Bronfman – “El Cheapo: Billionaire heiress Clare Bronfman cuts off Nxivm members after Smallville star Allison Mack and ‘sex-cult leader’ Keith Raniere blow through MILLIONS from her legal fund.

As a matter of strict fact, it is not quite true that Clare is a billionaire. She blew through much of her inheritance on Nxivm and Keith Raniere-inspired investments. According to her bail motion, she has a net worth of about $200 million.

As her net worth gets increasingly thinner, it seems, Clare is also getting physically thinner, more than she ever has been – if that is possible.

Our guess is she weighs about 85 pounds, proving that the DOS diet really does work.

Nancy Salzman, on the other hand, was looking well, almost like she got back from vacation, rather than recovering from radical breast cancer surgery.

Nancy Salzman with a friend – does anybody know who her friend is?
Nancy Salzman was photographed by Radar Online. as she left the courthouse with a friend.

As for Allison Mack – let no one say she is not an astounding actress. When she was outside the courtroom, you never saw a woman so jolly and beaming – fairly flirting, making eye-contact with numerous men dressed in suits who happened to pass by and joking and laughing with her attorneys.

Inside the courtroom – before the judge appeared – she was chatting jovially and fondly with Lauren Salzman. When the judge appeared, however, Allison’s demeanor suddenly changed  She looked pensive and somber, often looking down. And gazing at the judge with a demure and innocent look, as if to say “Judge, Your Honor, Sir, Kind Sir, if you know anything about faces, look at mine. How singularly innocent I look this morning. Have you ever seen such candid eyes?”

Yes, here was a woman impressed with the gravity of the situation and assured of her innocence.

“Have you ever seen such candid eyes?” – Allison Mack outside the courthouse on Monday, January 28, 2019. When court was in session, Lauren was making notes on a pad.

Lauren Salzman outside court. At age 42, and with Keith Raniere in custody – her chances of having an avatar baby with Keith are growing smaller every day.

As for poor Kathy Russel, she is as thin as ever – [no photo available]. She is obviously sticking to the Raniere-diet – just as she is sticking to Raniere, something almost certain to cause her to lose her freedom.

Her diet, on the other hand, seems to be causing her to lose her hair. She is growing rapidly bald, possibly from lack of nutrients which might impact a 60-year-old woman on an 800/day calorie, protein-poor diet for years.

We have no picture of Keith Raniere, who is known to readers and his followers as The Vanguard – and known to authorities at the Metropolitan Detention Center as Prisoner Number 57-17705, and fellow prisoners as Crybaby Jane.

Photographs are not permitted in federal court.

Keith has begun to dye his hair and grow it long too. He has not had any sunlight for at least nine months because at the MDC, prisoners are not offered that simple and essential human need.

This artist’s rendition is the best we can offer at the moment.

Not a real photograph but photoshop — Keith Raniere with his ballpoint ink dyed hair.

Our next posts will provide news about Sara Bronfman-Igtet, and a new, startling addition to the prosecution team.

Stay tuned.


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  • If Clare weighed 85lbs she were about 150 to 155cm tall, based on photos. She seems to be around 170cm, so 105lbs I feel would be a closer estimate.

  • Pea Onyu is either a sarcastic troll casting a net to entangle readers lacking discernment, for his/her amusement or, is one of the stupidest contemporary specimens of the human race. I incline somewhat to bet on the latter, by a slim margin.

  • The photo captioned “who is her friend?” That is one of her lawyers. Rachel Perillo. She is a Buffalo native!

  • This is an insult to Keith and done deliberately. Keith is one of the most handsome men in the world and you deliberately made him look ugly. I know you hate him and feel inferior to him in every way. But the ohotoshoped Picture is libelous. I wish that Clare was free to sue uou. She will be soon and then she will sir you for all you have done to destroy us.

  • I think Nancy looks haggard in that top picture. Looks like the last couple years have really aged her.

  • In regard to Kathy Russell’s hair loss it could be as result of a bad diet but also can be due to stress. I do feel sorry for her after reading the article outlining how she was treated while weeding the garden as punishment as well as what went on after her Grand Jury appearance. She seems like a person who was searching for a sense of belonging and friendship and, unfortunately, landed in a place where it outwardly appeared she had found it but she was just a lamb surrounded by wolves ready to sacrifice her anytime.

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