Bangkok: More drama-queen antics from Agnifilo

By One Night in Bangkok

This is just lawyer-style comedy for the world to see.

Marc Agnifilo claims that MDC hasn’t provided Keith with any means to keep warm, but that’s likely not true since I guran-fucken-tee that MDC has given blankets to every fucking inmate.

I somehow doubt that Keith was denied a blanket and must sit in his freezing cell, shivering in his undies.

Oh, and 44 degrees (even inside a building) is hardly one of the lowest temps in human history since most of our Canadian brethren live in subarctic temperatures for most of the year which make “44 degrees” seem like summertime.

Granted, most of them have heating at home but that’s not the fucking point.

What’s the point?

Ice cream fucking melts at 44 degrees. Milk spoils at 44 degrees.

FACT: Keith is sitting in a cell that’s hot enough to melt ice cream.

Guess what?

Canadians with broken heaters wear jackets and don’t freeze to death. Keith likely has a blanket to keep him warm which is even better than wearing a jacket.

Plus, Keith hails from ALBANY which is basically just a southern province of Canada and a bonafide “cold-as-fuck” ice box.

So he’s gotta be accustomed to cold temps.

Let’s not forget that Keith takes late night walks in Albany every single night (with pussy that he fancies) even during wintertime, so I’m not sure what the fuck he’s complaining about.

That panzy-ass pussy!

Plus what about his likely masturbation? I’m sure he’s jackin’ his beanstalk at least 10 times per day and that’s gotta keep him warm too. He reportedly has erection problems (according to Frank Parlato) so in order to achieve RELEASE he’d have to spank his monkey at least five times faster than the average male. That creates heat and raises his internal body temperature. It’s just basic physics.

Plus what about Keith’s excess body fat? That pudgy mother fucker has lots of excess body fat which functions just like a polar bear’s body fat to shield him from cold temps in the winter.

Plus he’s stocky with short limbs, which helps to keep his body warmer than a taller and lankier guy. Being a short & fat slob has very few privileges in life, but keeping warmer is one of them.


If things are truly as ‘dire’ as Agnifilo claims then Keith (along with many other inmates) should be reporting to the prison hospital for pneumonia and other SERIOUS issues. But they’re not!

This is likely just more drama-queen antics from Agnifilo. Let’s not forget, this is the same guy who filed a motion claiming that Keith was basically kidnapped at gunpoint by Federal police in Mexico. LOL. Most people would call that being “arrested”, not kidnapped, but Agnifilo loves his drama-prone wording.

Plus, isn’t Teny Geragos the daughter of Mark Geragos? He’s one of the most silly and drama prone lawyers on Earth. Like daddy like daughter, I guess. Marc and Teny should join the circus as honorary clowns; they’d fit right in.

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  • I think the overall Defense strategy was to Overbill, Exhaust the Trust Fund as quickly as possible, and then leave the Defendants to hang.

    So, it’s become a race as to which attorney can file the most ridiculous motions, bill the most hours, then quit when the $$$ runs out bc they know the Defendants are guilty as hell.

    Instead of using lawyers to screw others, El Cheapo ClareBear is now getting screwed n scammed by her OWN lawyers. Karma is a killer indeed.

    VES – Viva Executive Success!!!

  • So what if KAR was “kidnapped at gunpoint by the police in Mexico?” It happens. That’s what KAR’s movement to “stop violence in Mexico” capitalized on.

    It could even happen to YOU, Bangkok, next time you run guns over the AZ border or make a Mickey Mouse cash drop to keep up the “movement” there, sans Raniere.

    It could even happen right here in the good ol’ USA to a “strawberry-color” haired, harried Mom who has to leave her kid for a few minutes to pee — with just a little better foresight, planning and cooperation.

    Care to tell us what your real beef with Agnifilo is? Is he spending down the $$$ too fast to prevent the “wrong” defendants from cutting a plea deal? (Clearly, you favor an unjust Salzman deal over an Allison Mack or Kathy Russell deal — per your last post.)

    Did Aggie file something that might incriminate you, personally, or is generally disrespecting Mexico itself the problemo?

    …I’d like to hear more about those Mexican dicks you say Burke’s sucking, personally. Can you actually TASTE the hot sauce? Lol.

  • *I made a typo.

    Should be: “guaran-fucken-tee” (‘not’ guran-fucken-tee) 🙂

  • “I guran-fucken-tee that MDC has given blankets to every fucking inmate”, writes “One Night.”

    “One Night” knows the prisoner policies of detention facilities operated by the United States Federal Government.

    With his posts on the Frank Report blog, “One Night” has shown he has the knowledge a federal prosecutor would have.

    Want to play a quick game of “One of these things, -is- like the other?

    “Let’s not forget, this is the same guy who filed a motion claiming that Keith was basically kidnapped at gunpoint by Federal police in Mexico …” ” … Marc and Teny should join the circus as honorary clowns, they’d fit right in.” — someone posting on the Frank Report blog with the pseudonym “One Night in Bangkok”, seen February 1, 2019.

    “This guy called Grassley and CBS to unearth what he in fact was proposing to do by himself …” ” …When you thought the hypocrisy of this whole matter had hit the limit already…” — quote from an email written by disgraced former federal prosecutor, Dennis K. Burke, as reported by the New York Times in 2013, in the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal where weapons were trafficked to Mexican cartels.


    Similar style of writing? Methinks so.

  • 1. Dennis Burke reads the article on Frank Report titled “Guest View: Methinks Bangkok is Dennis Burke”

    2. Dennis Burke reads where the “Methinks” article states, “It makes sense his tone may have changed to be more serious, because things are quickly getting more serious for Burke himself in the Nxivm case.”

    3. Dennis Burke pens his next Frank Report submission (this post) in a less serious tone, with hopes to dissuade readers from the possibility that “One Night in Bangkok” could be the disgraced former federal prosecutor, Dennis K. Burke.

    • The whole subject is just a comment of someone else’s comment on the other article.
      How unoriginal.

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