Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, one of the top figures in the Arizona Mafia, and attorney for Clare Bronfman.

Guest View: Methinks Bangkok is Dennis Burke

By Betcha its Burke

Bullshit — “One Night In Bangkok” is not Dennis Burke. Saving for consideration a razor-thin possibility otherwise, of course it’s Burke.

What’s interesting, however, is with his latest prosecutorial commentary titled “Lesko came in to bail Penza out,” the author seems to be finding a more serious writer’s voice in his submissions to Frank Report.

Compared to when another probably Burke shill account was posting crazy, practically incoherent rants under the pseudonym “DeezNuts”, “One Night” now writes with a more serious tone, from the perspective of a former federal prosecutor, reflecting years of criminal law experience.

It makes sense his tone may have changed to be more serious, because things are quickly getting more serious for Burke himself in the Nxivm case.

Dennis Burke was specifically named in the government’s memorandum of law, filed Dec. 28, 2018, in the Nxivm RICO case, regarding his potential involvement in an alleged scheme to circumvent the United States immigration laws, together with his law partner, John Sandweg — a Phoenix lawyer known for defending convicted murderers, sex offenders and pedophiles. Sandweg raised campaign funds for Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano (Dennis Burke’s former boss), from 2002 to 2009.

Like other Napolitano appointees to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Sandweg resigned from his post as acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in February of 2014 amid allegations of obstruction.

Arizona Mafia lawyer John Sandweg walks with his chump client Clare Bronfman.

Sandweg was previously employed by the Arizona law firm of Quarles & Brady, the same law firm currently representing Nxivm defendant Lauren Salzman, who is represented by Arizona lawyer Hector J. Diaz. It is worth noting that Attorney Diaz conveniently is bilingual in Spanish, according to his law firm website.

We can be highly confident “One Night” is Dennis Burke for a few reasons. One of those reasons is because he writes with a sort of offensive confidence strong enough to taunt and insult Nxivm prosecutor Moira Penza about what he insinuates is a lack of competency on Penza’s part.

Completely overlooking the potential strength of the government’s charges at an eventual trial, One Night claims Penza has failed to offer adequate incentive to secure plea bargains from defendants. Who else other than a former federal prosecutor would take such an audacious stance?

It’s not the first time One Night has taunted Nxivm prosecutor Penza on the Frank Report blog.

This time, One Night is blaming and shaming Penza while failing to mention how Nxivm defendants may have been purposefully discouraged from accepting plea deals through a carefully coordinated defense effort orchestrated by Burke himself, in the background while playing the role of Clare Bronfman’s invisible man.

Importantly, with his writing, he may have again taken steps to throw his own client — Clare Bronfman – under the proverbial bus as he writes about the objective of driving “that final nail into Keith’s and Clare’s coffin.” Such priorities logically lead us to ask, as has been the case for months now, (hypothetically of course), if Burke is willing to promote certain theories to the detriment of his own former client, with hopes to steer the Nxivm case and negotiations in a certain direction, who is he in fact protecting?

It is a sophisticated, self-serving smoke-and-mirrors blame game we are seeing in what appear to be underhanded submissions by Burke to the Frank Report blog, with all appropriate rights about accuracy and truth in reporting reserved in the remote chance it eventually is proven that “One Night” was not Dennis Burke. Yet considering the obvious, that seems like a low chance.

Another reason to believe One Night is Dennis Burke is because he finishes his latest submission with a deceitful claim intended to paint anyone who makes a “Burke sighting” about the post as some kind of crazy, by writing “And no, I am not Dennis Burke. Let’s not go into the Twilight Zone again.”

Deceitful acts and statements are a hallmark in the career history of Dennis K. Burke, as a matter of factual record. In the Obama-era Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal where weapons were trafficked to Mexican drug cartels by agencies of the United States Federal Government under Burke’s watch, Burke was famously called a “leaker and a liar” by the Deputy Attorney General of the United States, James Cole.

And in March of 2014, Dennis K. Burke was sanctioned by the Arizona and Washington D.C. bar associations for violations of Rule 42, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., specifically ERs 1.6 and 8.4(c), engaging in lawyer conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

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  • I agree, it’s Burke. And his words prove him to be a full-blown misogynist and misanthropist in addition to the sly, “Mexican cock sucker,” he admits “Burke” is.

    Betcha Burke’s your “D” stalker, too, Frank. Bet he knows “Puto” real well. Bet he can, rather DID, commandeer a “retired” Secret Service detail for a few favors. Bet he loves spooking little, “old”-ish ladies, even famous ones like Catherine Oxenberg, and doesn’t care whose kid OD’s or gets shot or carted off by the police, much less branded, while he’s scheming to make millions for himself and oust anyone in his way.

    Betcha he’s just as happy to fuck over his own mother, friends, countrymen and clients to save his own ass, which is why his desperate ass needs saving so often.

    What’dya say, Bangkok? You ALL THAT?

  • Quarles & Brady also represented Vemma, another MLM scam, based in Tempe, which is a suburb of Phoenix. They lost, as the settlement reached was a terrible deal for Vemma and the individuals the FTC went after. But it sure beat going to court and being more publicly exposed, and the probable criminal charges that would have likely been filed.

  • I thought I was Dennis Burke (according to that Nitwit Flowers).

    Why are you still here snowflake? Hit the road jack.

    Nah nah nah nah. NAH NAH NAH NAH.

    Hey Hey Hey. GOODBYE

    • So, you admit to being Bangkok, too, DeezNuts? How many aliases do you use? However, I think you’re confused because I never said I thought Burke commented here under any aliases.

      Why would Burke write comments here? It makes no sense. Comments here have no effect on law enforcement, so why would Burke waste his time.

      • Burke posts here because Clare Bronfman was his first and only significant paying client since he’s been in private practice, therefore the case is a big deal to him. Furthermore aside from the fact Bronfman was his only meaningful client, (who he got due to his friendship with Emiliano Salinas), Dennis Burke himself is now under investigation in the Nxivm case in connection with his involvement in an alleged scheme to circumvent the immigration laws in order to obtain fraudulent visas. It’s in the prosecution’s filings. You say you are not interested to know about it, Flowers, but you ought to be. The proof is right there for you to read.

        You’d better believe Burke is commenting here. He knows the prosecutors and the other attorneys read these posts. Burke has dug himself in to another ditch. The frequency of his posts, the number of pseudonym accounts he’s using to post, and his bizarre demeanor are all evidence of how desperate he is. The way things are going in Nxivm, and especially with his name starting to show up in documents as a person of interest in the government’s filings, it can’t be a good time to be Dennis K. Burke right about now.

  • Hilarious.
    I have no idea is Dennis Burke is guilty of any crimes (nor do I care) but it’s totally illogical to assume he’s writing comments here.
    I think it’s more likely that the person who wrote this article is really the “Bangkok ” poster himself, as well as writing under a few different aliases on this site.
    It’s pretty much the same technique used by all the “Kremlin” trolls – they write comments against their own comments to create controversy.

    • Oh dear lady you do care……. perhaps a little too much. By the way toots, that Southwestern Canadian portal for NXIVM is slowly being looked into.

      • What are you even talking about, Dennis?

        There is nothing to “look in to.”

        Back to reality, looks like your Mexican affiliations are being “looked into,” finally. And not “just” NXIVM, big guy.

        It’s about time.

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