Shadow: Allison Mack and her partner in crime Lauren Salzman

Recently, I discussed Allison Mack’s swank apartment in Brooklyn as well as her real estate activities and her sporty BMW car and I asked whether Clair Bronfman financed Mack’s lifestyle.
A commenter admonished me, relating that Mack was worth an estimated $8 million from her various media activities – which begs the question why Mack’s parents would have to put up their house and retirement accounts to help Mack make her $5 million bail.
However, the superseding indictment raised further questions about why Allison Mack and her partner in crime, Lauren Salzman, felt compelled to extort credit card information and personal property from DOS slaves.
Lauren, like Mack, is well to do.
Lauren, like Mack, drove around in a BMW.  A sporty car that starts at $36,000 and goes up from there.
Lauren made frequent trips on behalf of NXIVM, especially to Mexico.
Lauren’s mother, Nancy Salzman, allegedly used her house to store cash from NXIVM’s various illegal activities with rumors of as much as $2 million cash being on hand at any given time.
When the Feds finally raided Nancy’s house, they found 500,000 dollars in cash, some of it in foreign currencies like Mexican Pesos.  Who doesn’t have $500,000 in cash lying about the house?
So why do supposedly well-to-do women like Allison and Lauren need to coerce DOS slaves to surrender credit card information and jewelry to their Masters?
Presumably, Allison and Lauren were richer than their DOS slaves.
Was it fun for Allison and Lauren to strong-arm women to give up their property?
Did  Allison and Lauren get a thrill out of playing “Gangsters”?
Lauren is now trying to sever her trial from Raniere and Mack as if she has nothing to do with sex trafficking, slavery, and extortion.  Lauren does not want to be forced into a plea deal.
But why did Lauren send this text message shortly before DOS was revealed to the public by the Frank Report?
“Secrecy is a super important thing in this process. It protects us in case shit goes down. The fact that no one knows who is involved is what will allow the group to stay intact. It could also keep people safe depending on various things.”
Has shit gone down?
Who is in the group?
People will be kept safe from what?
What kind. of crimes was NXIVM involved in?
Was Clare involved in sex trafficking?
Was Sara Bronfman involved?

Was Rosa Laura Junco involved?
Was Emiliano involved?
Was Alex Betancourt involved?
Was Kim Constable involved?

Was Dr. Brandon Porter involved?
Was DOS also designed to meet the sexual needs of Clare, Allison and other high-ranking NXIVM members, not just Raniere?
Is Clare Bronfman Allison Mack’s Sugar Mama?
Does some of the shit coming down involve the importation of underage females for Raniere?
Does some of the shit coming down involve force-feeding DOS slaves with drugs to keep them compliant?
Lauren, the shit has hit the fan and a lot of it is going to land on you.  It’s time for you and your mother to start singing.

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  • Frankie some whose been under investigation for fraud and is been charged with tax crimes really shouldn’t question other people’s fincial actions. Pot meet Kettle

  • I wonder if the prosecutors have researched both doctors Porter and Roberts prescription history since there is speculation of dosing victims with drugs to render them compliant.

  • Good questions, Shadowstate. Keep up the good work. Your posts are way better than that ‘Bangkok’ loser.

  • 1. Have you considered the reason these people are rich is because they rip off others? That’s how it works in other MLM scams, such as Amway.

    2. Perhaps the DOJ has so much evidence they don’t need to listen the Salzmans’ off-key singing.

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