Lights are back on at MDC – it is not clear if heat has been restored

The lights are back on at the Metropolitan Detention Center as the video below shows.

However, it is not known if the heat is back on – or if the kitchen stoves will, once again, be providing hot food for some 1,600 prisoners including prisoner number 57-17705, better known to readers as Keith Alan Raniere, and to his followers as Vanguard.

Fellow prisoners know him as Crybaby Jane, because of his penchant to cry like a baby when he is punched, hit, head-butted, scared, or abused verbally, physically, or otherwise, and when his possessions are taken from him – his judo skills notwithstanding.

Today, before the lights went back on, some 200 people protested outside the prison – concerned about the cold and dark prison conditions as prisoners were seen yelling from the windows. “We’re freezing!” “No hot food no hot water!”

It is not known if any of Vanguard’s slaves were part of the group of protesters.  At one point, about 50 people stormed the unlocked doors and got inside and were thrown out by guards using pepper spray.

There is little question that Marc Agnifilo’s filing with the court on behalf of Raniere – seeking his release on bail – based, in part, because it was too dark and cold at MDC – contributed to public awareness of the plight of prisoners there. It was reported on national news.

In this respect, Vanguard’s cry for warmth and light may have expedited the electrical work being completed to restore lights. Following media reports on Friday, electricians were seen at MDC working over the weekend.

The lights going back on, however, militates against the noble Vanguard – since his argument that his suffering was too great – and he should be released – appears to be mitigated somewhat. At least he is out of the dark. And so, once again, Vanguard can claim he is bringing light to his fellows.

However, there are some who suggest – albeit most likely facetiously – that Raniere – who once claimed his super brainwaves set off radar detectors – which was why he could not drive a car – might have caused the fire last Sunday that crippled the facility –  with his high wattage brain – in order to get the judge to feel sorry for him and let him out.

It is not known if the lights went on in time for prisoners to watch the Super Bowl, something that they eagerly look forward to and the failure of not being able to watch  – it was reported – might cause a riot.

However, one would think that, if the prisoners could not watch the Super Bowl, perhaps Raniere could quell the impending riots – if he kindly offered the men an intensive or a class in Ethos – as a convenient and rewarding substitute. I’m sure they would have welcomed that.

After all, you can see a Super Bowl any year, but how often do you hear a lecture from the world’s smartest prisoner.

Viva Executive Success!



Keith Raniere before and after [not a real picture]
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