Before Carter, Iran WAS run by a true ally to the US, the Shah of Iran.  Jimmy Carter, in his ignorance, decided that the Ayatollah Khomeini is a humanitarian, who would treat his people with the same compassion Jimmy had for human rights. Carter, apparently, never read the Koran! Jimmy’s staff of Viet Nam Anti war, human rights, morons convinced Carter that Khomeini would free the Iranian people from the tyranny of the Shah  and make Iran a Democratic Country. The Ayatollah had been in exile because of his radical Sharia , Islamic beliefs. The Shah, as well as numerous world Muslim leaders, told Carter that he was crazy to think that the Ayatollah Khomeini would “free” the people of Iran. Carter was told by Muslim leaders that Khomeini would lead an Islamic Sharia revolution the minute he returned to Iran.  Carter had NO idea what Islam is about, not any idea what Sharia law is nor how people, especially women, are treated under Islamic Sharia law! Yet he would only listen to people like his ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young, who said, “ Khomeini will eventually be hailed as a saint”. Carter’s Iranian ambassador, William Sullivan, said, “Khomeini  is a Gandhi-like figure” .  Carter adviser James Bill proclaimed on Feb. 12, 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini was not a mad mujahidin but a man of “impeccable integrity and honesty.” I’ll bet you never heard that from MSM or any Democrat leader.

Could they be any more WRONG? How could anyone be that stupid? Blinded by HUMANITARIAN ideals, they ran our country into an economic depression lead by 22% interest rates , gave up the Panama Canal, scared the hell out Russia when the Soviets  invaded Afghanistan and Carter got tough by boycotting the Olympics and he gave rise to our current Terror Champ of the World, Iran!

The Shah was the “least of all other evils” in the Muslim world. Carter and his tree hugging, human rights liberals hung their hats on a congressional amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, (amended  in 1976), that made the president responsible for the determination of which countries were guilty of abusing the human rights of its citizens.

Long story short, thanks to Carter, the Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran in April 1979 and in November 1979 thanked Jimmy by urging Iranian college students and a band of Iranian terrorists, to take over the US embassy. They took and held 52 Americans hostage until President Ronald Regan, a Republican, was elected president.  They released ALL 52 hostages …

Reagan being sworn in! I wonder why.

The chart says it all, doesn’t it? When the Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran in 1979,…the world became the terror target of Iran!!!

In September 2018 the US State Department reported that Iran continues to be the leading State sponsor of terrorism in the world!

There are too many years to list when Iran was reported, by all world sources on terrorism, to be responsible for almost 100% of the world’s terror acts! Simply said…WITHOUT IRAN THERE WOULD BE PRACTICALLY NO WORLD TERRORISM, and thousands of Americans …still alive, my opinion!

Even a simple minded John Kerry, should be able to realize that the world would be MUCH better off without any IRAN!!! Further… only a Radical Muslim would give Iran $170 billion in cash, what do you think? The Democrats need to stop playing, “Please don’t bomb me”, with Iran.

President Trump is right on the money with Iran! Draw a line in the sand and in my opinion, hope they cross it! No good will ever come of Iran. They cannot have any Nuclear weapons EVER!!! The one thing we must do, if Iran gets any closer to a Nuclear weapon is to preemptively take out command and control centers, and sites that store, support or hide any nuclear enhancements like centrifuge machines.

First Strike… we cannot afford to be second with NUKES! The cost is devastating!

Remember something that many Democrats seem to forget…we have never been attacked by Russia, China or even N. Korea, not withstanding our war with Korea. We have been the victim of Iran sponsored attacks that took American lives, too many times to count. I say no more because a nuclear attack would result in hundreds of thousands of American lives. Iran would attack us the minute Iran is capable and an EMP strike would be more devastating that you can ever imagine. Those who think we could just use our Generators have not a clue! There would be no working Generators and if there were, what would you use for fuel? No vehicles, no pumps, no electric. Just think what you would do with no electric for years. Russia fried an entire electric power plant in the late 1950s testing EMP bombs!

Iran, like N. Korea, DON’T NEED AN ICBM MISSLE!!! A tanker off shore with a container hiding  a portable launcher could knock out the entire East Coast’s power  with 1 bomb…think about how vulnerable we are! Same goes for the West Coast!!!

N Korea has that capability NOW!!!!! A real, verifiable treaty with N.Korea is absolutely vital and we must be able to inspect and act if they violate.

In my opinion, the only thing Iran understands is force. That’s why General H. Norman Schwarzkopf told President George Bush 1 to go into Iran and finish it once and for all. There will NEVER be a treaty that Iran will ever honor…read the freaking Koran, that’s what he believes and listen to the man; when the Ayatollah  Kahmenei says , “We will annihilate America and Israel and kill all of you”, he means it…it’s not a game!!!!

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  • It’s funny, Ed ( Last Name Unknown), that the only difference between what I wrote and what the President just said about Iran , in his State of the Union, is that he didn’t explain how Iran became a Radical Terrorist nation. I set that out in the 1st paragraph!

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