MK10ART - a cold Raniere.

Five more masterpieces by MK10ART!

MK10ART continues her brilliant artwork on the subject of Keith Alan Raniere, Nxivm and their ghouls and their opponents.

About a week earlier, Mk10ART delighted us with this painting called the Agnifilo Shuffle

Allison has the apple and is that Kristin Kreuk as the snake.

MK10ART’s variation on the theme is the Agnifilo Shuffle part -2 – with some sarcasm directed at the Vanguard in MDC.

mk10art writes, “Defense attorney Mark Agnifilo filed letter claiming cult leader Keith Raniere is suffering in jail. Read about it on Thanks to Nxiville Observer on Frankreport for cauterizing pen joke.
mk10art: “As his legal fund plummets, pedophile Keith Raniere claims to be too cold in jail. You can mail ice cubes to: Metropolitan Detention center Brooklyn NY.”


mk10art writes, “Catherine Oxenberg Claims Allison Mack’s Parents Ignored Her Help In Sex Cult Crisis ‘Smallville’ actress now awaits trial for trafficking and racketeering charges. Catherine Oxenberg claimed she tried to warn Allison Mack‘s parents about the dangers of the twisted NXIVM organization but was ultimately ignored>” ,

And now for something that is not funny at all but dreadfully serious and why we are here- to remember the atrocities one man created.

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  • I keep coming back to enjoy your art, MK, and now I must comment how beautiful and poignant your portrait of Kristin Snyder is with the tweets. The others are insightful and some hilarious as usual. I’m (obsessively, HA!) curious how you feel about the Mexi-Nexians? What do you think? Is the tail wagging the dog or was KAR scamming the Mexicans? Or is there some undetectable (as yet) arch villain wagging them all?

  • We can all hope that every stone is overturned and Raniere/Bronfman can fry for what they did to Kristin Snyder.

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