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Nice Guy: Allison Mack made money at Comic Cons to pay for her own defense

By Nice Guy

Please allow me to point out and explain the obvious….

Allison Pimp Cankles Mack was on network television for 9 years.

Pimp Cankles did appearances on the Comic Con circuit for almost 18 years. Pimp Cankles probably made 5 times as much money or even more from comic cons than she actually was paid by the TV show’s producers. Actors get paid millions from attending Sci-fi Expositions and comic cons.

Not to mention all of the royalties Pimp Cankles made from merchandising that used her image and the residuals paychecks from Smallville being in syndication.

Pimp Cankles had her parents help her with bail so that she would have available funds to pay for her legal defense.

Unless she gave it all to Vanguard…. Pimp Cankles probably has access to millions. How much exactly I have no idea.

Comic Cons are no joke. The dweebs that attend will pay upwards of $500 to $1000 cash to have their picture taken with their favorite star. I wonder if Pimp Cankles reported all of her income?

The $500 to $1000 dollars the dweebs spend also buys a few minutes of face time. No doubt Sultan of Six has probably attended a few comic cons. How about it Sultan of Six did you attend any of Kristen’s comic cons? I bet you did.

Allison Mack’s fee for appearing at comic conventions was probably 5 figures after Smallville was canceled and probably the low six figures when the show was still on the air.


Image result for allison mack comic con
Allison Mack at the Wizard World Comic Con 2013.

I am no expert on comic book conventions and actor appearance quotes. The following link to an article that appeared in the Hollywood Reporter gives some idea how much Allison Mack is actually worth.

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  • My wife knows I comment on this site. She’d probably be a bit pissed of if she knew 2 of my comments became impromptu articles.

  • I wonder if buying “alone time” with Kreuk at the fan convention will be:
    1) used by NXIVM supporters to influence her to help with the defense, or…
    2) used by the many Anonymous Kreuk bashers to confront her about her cult involvement and virtue signaling.
    All it takes is money.

  • She is so ugly to me. No victim, she. Victimized others for her own selfish goals. This is what happens when you have no internal compass to govern your decisions.

  • Allison Mack is one of the worst offenders of women relating to sexual assault. She’s a woman who hunted women for her Master.

    If Smallville had a morality clause in their contract, would they have to pay Allison Mack anything since her arrest?

    She did own a small shopping center in California before her slide downhill into the claws of her Vanguard.

    She paid for the house her parents lived in. How much were they helping her? P

    What, if any, money she made from Comic shows was extracted out of her from her Master Keith Raniere. All she can hope for now is any residual income from investments and if Smallville did not have a contract that would cut her out for moral reasons.

    She who has to hire the more lawyers has the most joy.

    Viva Executive Success

  • One should not be surprised when people in criminal organizations think
    about their future and how it is when they are no longer there and have
    no more income. The answer is like the one Nancy Salzman met, to
    make a finanicial provision and to put money aside. Even if the felt pretty
    safe from prosecution in the Northern Disrict of New York. And you can
    assume that was quite a lot. If Allison takes her career as a basis, then
    what she has sets aside must be at least what she would earn as an actress.

  • Kristin Crook is going to a con event in May. She’s charging $60 for her autograph and $70 for a picture. What a joke. What moron would actually waste their cash on that? It probably takes them a couple of days to earn that. This is why Kook is silent on NXIVM, because her fame currency allows her this financial privilege she doesn’t want to lose. A good opportunity for people to confront Kook on NXIVM. She can’t hide…

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