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Raniere Bail Request Denied for Third Time

Keith Alan Raniere’s bail was denied again – today – by U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Raniere – and his lead attorney, Marc Agnifilo – were back in front of Judge Garaufis earlier today, arguing that Raniere should be immediately released from incarceration at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) and allowed to remain free until the start of his trial on April 29, 2019.

Judge Garaufis previously ruled on two other occasions that Raniere “…poses a serious risk of flight if he is released pending trial” – and that “there is at least some risk that if he is released, he may unlawfully exploit women or obstruct justice”.

His third decision was no different. He will not allow Raniere to be free on home detention.

The first such ruling took place on June 18, 2018; the second one on December 5, 2018.

But The Vanguard is simply not used to hearing the word “No” – and remains convinced that he will eventually get Judge Garaufis to change his mind and set him free.

So, Raniere had Agnifilo submit a third motion for his release. That request, which was filed on January 25, 2019, was subsequently supplemented by two more filings – both of which pointed out the severe problems that occurred at MDC during the period from January 27th through February 3rd.

In his most recent filing on the matter, Agnifilo apparently decided to assume the role of Court Jester as he pointed out to the judge that all the prisoners at MDC – including Raniere – are “…being held captive against their will” (And, “Yes”, that is a verbatim quote from Agnifilo’s February 4th filing).

So today, Judge Garaufis held a hearing to allow Agnifilo to argue on behalf of The Vanguard’s release.

Based on the accounts of eyewitnesses, Frank Report can provide its readers with the following updates on Raniere:

– His hair dye job is fading out – and his increasingly long hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in quite some time (Raniere never liked taking showers – and MDC does not have a hot tub);

– He is continuing to grow out his rapidly greying beard – and appears to be on schedule for the “full Jesus look” for the start of his trial;

– He has switched out from his usual pea green onesie to a dark brown onesie;

– His face was bright red throughout today’s hearing – and he became quite animated on several occasions; and

– He now carries a folder that is overflowing with what are undoubtedly important papers.


Unfortunately for The Vanguard, we can also report that today’s hearing did not appear to go very well for him.

That’s because those sneaky federal prosecutors brought along three members of the MDC staff to answer the judge’s questions about the status of the facility.

According to the three witnesses, all of the mechanical problems at MDC have been resolved – and the prison is fully functional.

They also indicated that the temperature in Vanguard’s cell was 68 degrees today – which means that he no longer has to gulp down his glasses of water before they turn to ice.

Seeing the handwriting on the wall, Agnifilo then began complaining that the prison’s email system was running slow – thereby causing significant delays in his communications with The Vanguard.

And when asked why he didn’t just call Raniere on the phone, Agnifilo said it was because he suspected that all such conversations were being taped by the prosecution.

That accusation brought an immediate response from the lead prosecutor, Moira Kim Penza, who informed the judge that she had worked with Agnifilo on other cases – and that he was well aware that her office does not tape such calls.

At that point, the judge indicated that he was taking the matter under advisement – and would be issuing his ruling in the near future.

And so, carrying his overflowing folder of important papers, The Vanguard was led out of the courtroom – and carted back off to his warm and toasty cell at MDC.


Sadly for the Vanguard and those who love Vanguard, Judge Garaufis was not swayed by the news that all the prisoners are “…being held captive against their will”. Nor was he swayed by any of the other equally feeble arguments put forth by Agnifilo.

Before The Vanguard had even laid his head down for a good night’s rest, the judge issued an 8-page Memorandum And Order that ended with the following pronouncement: “Raniere’s third motion for release pending trial (Dkt. 303) is DENIED”.

The only “good news’ for The Vanguard is that he’ll be back in court for tomorrow’s Status Conference – and get to see most, if not all, of his co-defendants for the second time in the last 10 days.

Viva Executive Success!

And he who has the most joy, wins.


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  • He must be SO ENRAGED at not getting what he wants/demands, for once. Can you imagine? He is used to just snapping his fingers. If he is able, there will be Hell to pay – someone will have to pay for the predicament in which he placed himself.

  • That’s strike 3, Keith. You’re out. Now stop asking and take your punishment like a man. Enough of the whining. No one’s a victim, remember?

  • The Charles Manson look is more like it.

    If nothing more Keith Raniere AKA Vanturd is practicing his persistency by continuing to ask for bail

    He’s like a 2-year-old who goes to mom, asks for a cookie, mom says no. He runs to daddy Marc who charges Keith Open Check Book, Clare Bronfman to charge 5,000 – 20,000.00 to file papers with mom for a cookie. Mom holds her ground and says No Cookie for Keith; he’s been a very bad boy.

    Later crybaby Keith comes back, asks for a cookie via his daddy Marc. Marc again goes to Open Check Book Clare Bronfman racking up more Ch-Ching, goes to mom and gets the same answer. No cookie for Keith Raniere, he’s been a very bad boy.

    This time to act out crybaby (Jane) Keith and makes jailhouse Halloween hair dye, colors his hair blue/black goes back to daddy and asks again for his cookie. Before mom can answer, crybaby Jane displays his new Bozo dreads in court You know mom cannot ignore his hair and remembers Marc’s comment that crybaby is a SOFT man.

    Then as things like “LIFE HAPPENS’ things happen at the MDC and daddy once again ask mom while charging Open Check Book Clare Bronfman, again for another attempt for Cry Baby Raniere’s cookie. He wants it, deserves it, demands it because it’s cold inside the MDC. He has to eat cold food, he’s cold, he cannot meet with his gaggle of attorney’s for a few days, and he cannot make more Halloween hair dye before the next court date.

    The good news is mom did not cave, stuck to her story and is more persistent than Keith Raniere. “No cookie for you Keith, you have been a bad boy

  • I would like to see the final accounting for all these bail requests and interested to see if this will be the final one. KAR seems unable to fathom he deserves to be incarcerated pending his trial. He truly believes he has done nothing wrong and poses no flight risk. It’s hard for reasonable people to understand but I think this is what he thinks. Heidi asked on another post about someone who makes you question your own beliefs or memory of what has happened. Psychopaths can do this because they can make themselves believe their version of the truth is the only version. They never believe they are wrong and will twist facts to suit their narrative even when facts are presented. Facts that most people would consider are dismissed immediately by the psychopath and you are left to question if your memory is correct. They are master manipulators.

  • Agnifilo’s next motion: Raniere requires a hot tub for religious purposes, and to deny him one is to trample his right to religious freedom! Or, in the alternative, requires unlimited release on bail.
    What a twat.

  • There is not a single portrait of Jesus from his lifetime.
    There is also not a single description of his appearance.
    The image of Jesus was created later in ecclesiastrical art.

  • I take umbrage at those who keep referring to Keith as having a “Jesus look.”
    What befits Keith more would be to compare his looks to a Luciferian one or a homeless person, but then again the homeless also deserve better than to have this piece of human garbage likened to them..
    I mean, really. First Anne Frank and now this? Pshaw!

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