Guest View: Keith Raniere is a smelly clown

Guest View by Via Ch-Ching

I could hear the carnival music playing in the background.

The herd of defense attorney’s is the carousal of horses, and with each pass, their bank accounts go Bling Bling, Bling, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, just like a slot machine in Las Vegas.

They are racking up what is left in the trust fund. They are winning and having the most JOY. None of them had to step foot in the doors of Executive Success Programs or take an NXIVM course to learn how to extract money from Clare Bronfman’s Open Check Book.

Keith Raniere has always been a Smelly Clown. He looks more the part now than ever. So many people couldn’t see this clown’s shoes through the endless cloud of bullshit he and his inner circle of devotees left behind. How can the judge or a jury take such a clown as a serious businessman who was doing good in the world and meant no harm?

Nancy Salzman

Of course, Nancy Salzman was late; she is late for everything. Of course, she looks like shit; it’s her karma because she treated everyone like a piece of shit. For decaseds, Nancy Salzman fstood by her man and committed crimes against the state of NY, the Federal Government, the IRS, and humanity.

Why would Lauren look anything but confused? Lauren Salzman was a blind sheep of Keith Raniere and did whatever he wanted her to do. If she tried to think for herself, she was punished by Keith or her Mom, Nancy Salzman. Now, she wants to talk with people in NXIVM. Hope the judge grants her the right to talk to anyone other than those on the 2017 coach list. There are some ex-nx’s you could start to heal your breach with Lauren Salzman, if they would take your call. Bahahahahahahaha. Some might even help you get some deprogramming.

I don’t think dying your grey roots make a person in a better place. Kathy Russel might look better, but she got herself into the mess she is in by taking the 5th so many times the Grand Jury knew she was involved in illegal activities. One has to be devoted to being willing to lie or take the 5th to protect themselves and a band of criminals.

Allison Mack is as phony today as the day she walked into her first NXIVM course. She gets to chill at her parents’ house. Clare Bronfman is paying her current legal fees even though she has a residual income coming in. Allison can play flirty with the men around her, huggee/whisper in your ear with her gal pal co-defendants and sad, poor me, face with the Judge.


Someone needs to educate Keith Raniere about what a Polar Vortex is and why it was so cold in NYC. It happened at the same time that the MDC had a fire. Ah, such is life, shit happens.

Keith Raniere for his entire life has been waited on and had things handed to him. He’s had women work for what he says he earned. Men who are softened by cuddling are not prepared for prison. The guards and inmates are not going to cater to his needs, wants, desires and tantrums. Raniere was able to buy some ink pens off an inmate as they are not allowed to have them. Raniere used the pens to dye his hair. I’m still getting a good laugh off that one. Wish he could buy some red ones, we could change his name to Carrot Top.

Keith Raniere, via his attorney Marc Agnifilo, has brought so much joy to readers of the Frank Report. Knowing just how miserable the great and powerful Vanturd is, is fracking enjoyable. As we know, they who have the most JOY win and right now many of us are finally winning.

Thank you, Marc Agnifilo. May you continue to let us know through you very expensive filings just how bad Keith Raniere thinks it is for him (and him alone) and may you and your team work hard to drain the Trust Fund as fast as you can. I can’t wait to see how many of you stick around when the fund goes to zero.


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