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Martin Frawley of Twerps reckons with closure on new song “Something About Me” off Undone at 31

Those familiar with Martin Frawley’s time as co-leader of Twerps will take comfort in hearing his deceptively simple songwriting is still intact on his solo debut Undone at 31, out February 22 worldwide. The big reveal here is how new instrumentation and influences seamlessly expand Frawley’s playground. For proof, look no further than new single “Something About Me.” It might take several listens for one to realize Frawley is singing over just violin, Moog, and a Graceland-esque bassline…

Named for the year in his life when the bottom fell out following a long-term romantic partnership, Frawley sequenced Undone at 31 chronologically to emphasize his journey. He shared the album’s opening number “You Want Me?” ahead of its announcement, as it serves as a prologue and summation of his romantic life before 31. Next came “End of the Bar” and “Chain Reaction,” where we found the protagonist alternating between attempts to turn over a new leaf and harbored frustration and resentment. Frawley says “Something About Me” is mostly about “coming to terms with moving on, watching a loved one move on without you, and realizing as hard as it is, maybe she was better off without you. It’s one for the headphones after a couple of drinks possibly.”

To celebrate the release of Undone at 31, Frawley will be the artist-in-residence at a Sydney Road shop each day of Melbourne’s Brunswick Music Festival. He’ll be joined by a band of fine musicians and some very special surprise guests, announced daily!

Martin Frawley on tour:
Mar 3-17 Melbourne, AU – Brunswick Music Festival
Mar 30 Bambra, AU – By The Meadow

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