Keith Raniere [l] with Allison Mack.
Keith Raniere [l] with Allison Mack.

Nice Guy: The incredible dark truth is that Keith Raniere’s control over Allison Mack is absolute!

By Nice Guy

Well put Shadowstate in your article Who is Allison Mack Crying For.

The dark truth…. The incredible dark truth is that Keith Raniere’s control over Allison Mack is so absolute that even after 10 months, Allison Mack has remained steadfastly loyal to Raniere.


“Pimp Mack” is one brainwashed human being. Raniere could say 2+2=5 and Allison would agree. She lives in Raniere World now.

Anyone with a degree of common sense would have flipped by now and cut a deal.


The prosecution wants to send a message to the public and make an example of Keith Raniere. I believe that the prosecution, in the interest of saving time and money, would cut Allison Mack a deal.

If the ‘good’ doctor has not faced any punishment even from a medical review board for ethics violations or faced criminal charges….. How bad is Allison’s actual criminal “collaboration” with Keith Raniere legally?

Morally, there is no question Allison Mack is an abhorrent human being.

I had hoped for criminal kidnapping charges to be filed. However, none materialized.

Fortunately, if Keith and Alison go the way of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, no German Shepherd needlessly die.

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  • Hi Johnson,

    LOL….No I am not into being a cuckhold. However, if you are into cuckholding, you mention it enough, you should post an ad on Craig’s list….. On Craig’s List “The World is your Oyster”, “One Night in Bangcock”!

    Bangcock it’s obvious you are Johnson. Johnson being an obvious reference to the male genitals. Your a clever one.

  • She has nothing left so to admit to herself that she threw her career,friends, harmed her relationship with family, threw her savings away for nothing would be pretty hard for her to swallow. She likely doesn’t know who she is anymore. She will delude herself rather than wake up and admit what a foolish mess she made of her life and actually take responsibility. That would take guts.

  • Sounds like shadow boy is so obsessed he posts under another handle or he has competition in the Allie wack Cuckold department.

    • Johnson:
      Nice Guy wrote this article himself.
      Give Nice Guy the respect he is due.
      He is not a Cuckold and neither am I.
      It is you, Johnson, who worships Allison Mack and Her Holy Cankles.
      And you, Johnson, are just angry that not everyone else worships her.

  • I suspect the reason no criminal kidnapping charges were filed is that the particular instance (imprisoning a woman for 18 months) is because it occurred. outside of the EDNY’s jurisdiction. I wonder, though, where are the federal tax evasion charges?

    From reading everything here, it seems Allison Mack was consumed with her personal needs and desire for acceptance and gratification. Another poster opined that she craved the special treatment due a starlet, which she received for a while – flying on private jets to exotic locales, for example. Later, she did not feel empathy or sympathy towards those being harmed. This is a terrifying possibility of human nature: Once someone is treated like a King or Queen, they begin to look upon others as inferior serfs, to be used and abused with impunity. I know of several exceptions, but they seem to be few and far between.

    I am sorry Allison went down this path. I don’t think she would have, had she not met the seductive, mild-mannered Monster. He destroyed many lives and livelihoods, his scorn and rage lurking just below the surface. She might have been a beloved character actress adored by young girls. Instead, she fell so far into Raniere’s fallacies that she allowed her initials to be intertwined with his on a cruel, cauterizing brand.

    All things considered, I think it would be wise for her to cut a deal if she still can.

    Allison: Please don’t blindly sacrifice yourself and others to protect and stay true to one who has no heart or soul. You can still do some good.

    • where are the federal tax evasion charges?

      Financial crimes like tax evasion and money laundering are much more difficult to prove than the sex trafficking charges.
      Financial crimes need an exhaustive examination of financial documents which are often dry and boring.

    • Hi Orange County Dreams,

      I think you hit the nail on the head exactly. You should write a guest article sometime. Seriously. You communicated what I was trying to communicate far more articulately.

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