There are several things in play regarding these “Raids’, in my humble opinion.

I just read Mrs. Stone’s, detailed account of the Raid on Roger Stone’s home by the FBI SWAT team(s), with air support, two boats in a Florida canal, 29 SWAT Agents with night vision, body armor and full auto, shoulder weapons AND CNN cameras 10 ft from her front door. I apologize to her for what she went through…if I were in charge …of that Raid, based upon what know from the news and without having all the circumstance in hand, it would have been different!

If her account is accurate and I have no reason to dispute her, it is disturbing to me as a former Agent, SWAT Team member, SWAT instructor ,with numerous “Raid” arrests under my belt including…A&D street arrests, Felony Raids on John Gotti warehouses with numerous armed subjects running in all directions … literally “hundreds” of arrests of armed Bank Robbery”  subjects per year, 57 in my last year on the squad ; having 500 cases per year with my squad, seldom having to shoot anybody! We made many arrests after very dangerous car chases, in one my car with my partner Milt Aldrege  (who retired as ADIC of Ident) hit by gun fire and another with a great Agent, Ed Walker where our car was shot out of the chase with holes in the radiator, having been hit multiple times and some where we had to discontinue the chase because of the danger to the public! We closed out that very dangerous case after we witnessed the Robbery and made the arrests… with no one shot!

 That is because of one thing and one thing only…EXPERIENCE!!! We had lots! We made mistakes too, but overcame them and won in overtime, all the time!

Do to the nature of the work, all the men on my squads did the same things.

Unfortunately, there were a few instances where members of my squad were forced to defend themselves and others, by putting down a few skyjackers, Bank Robbers  and a cop killer (Twyman Myers)… about 6 subjects during in my tenure on the 18 man squad, with 2 NYPD officers  and one Agent on the BR squad shot! I’m sure that seems like a lot to some but understand that was a time when the Panthers, Weatherman and BLA were killing one police officer a day…360 a year! Trust me …that was a “few” when you consider there was no FBI SWAT and the experienced Agents from the “Heavy” squads did all the dangerous arrests and surveillances.

Today’s FBI does not do the type and volume of cases that result in making lots of arrests of Violent, Armed, Felons…Mueller and later Comey changed all that by making the FBI an Intelligence gathering Agency instead of what made it famous, Crime fighting Agency! That’s the facts…good, bad or indifferent…they don’t make arrests like we did…period. So there are a lot less FBI Agents with any arrest experience because their work load is different!

So when there is an arrest of notoriety, maybe the FBI wanted to use it as a practice day or show boat. I hope not …just ask ATF how showboating has turned out for them! You know WACO, Ruby Ridge, Fast and Furious, and others…!

If you have a violent crime, Armed and Dangerous (A&D) fugitive, with a  arrest record for Shooting, fighting, running, and all the other dangers that an arrest presents including body guards(Armed and not) and sentry dogs then we out gun, out man, and use surprise to our advantage.



If Mueller’s previous arrests on Fynn, Manadort, Cohen,  Paradopolis are an indication of what Mueller has …then I say he has nothing! When we want to put the fear of God in a subject, we did what he is doing to scare the subjects. We did heavy handed arrests and searches when we had very dangerous people we wanted to discourage from starting something that we would finish… never did it for a White Collar Crime Case, ever! We kept ALL our arrests secret!

 In my opinion, it’s the same with Roger Stone…Mueller’s team has no substantive evidence of any crimes against Stone or his purely political target…our duly elected President Donald Trump!

Robert Mueller has allowed his personal feelings , hatred of the President, for whatever reason, to blind whatever integrity, law and order morals he may have once had. If he had ANY moral integrity and believed in our Law and Order, it is gone! He showed his hand early on, by his obvious bias in hiring only Hillary loving ass holes with, in some instances, horrible reputations of fairness in our Rule of Law!!!

How could someone, who only hires Hillary supporters,  totally ignore the evidence against Hillary and her team, proving their Colluding with foreign Agents ???!!!

In my opinion, regarding the RAID on Stone, it wasn’t the FBI’s idea it was, in all probability…the MULE TEAM, truly a team of asses! It was done to try to get Stone to ly about Trump to get himself off.


The most telling evidence, that there really wasn’t any reason for a “heavy” arrest, is the presence of the CNN cameras and their people in harm’s way, with no Body armor. The FBI just doesn’t do that…but somebody did …who?


Understand this, there is no doubt, that a DOJ employee leaked the arrest to CNN ! They were at the scene before the team and were up close and personal and unprotected! There was a leak , in my humble opinion, and it could be to the retired ADIC who works for CNN from…??? A simple investigation with polygraph tests will resolve who it was and the President must fire whoever did it, no matter who it was!

The President should speak, personally, to all the players Wray, Mueller, Rosenstein, (Whitiker just testified under oath he wasn’t privy to the raid) and find out! Wray wouldn’t do it…I am certain, Rosenstein would and any of the Mule team would. Not too many to polygraph.

 Mr President I suggest you find out and fire the bastard and charge him if possible!

Also, if I were President, I would want to know who, “specifically” set up that RAID…was it an Agent or was it the Mule team? What were the very specific reasons for all the caution…all the expense (plane ,two boats, armored cars.etc) except for the camera man? VERY SPECIFIC REASONS… compare the answers to the Search Warrant Affidavit for the heavy arrest and search…specifics…no anonymous sources…names and facts!

About the author

J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .

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