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Heidi: It will be good if intelligent readers provide insights and commentary

By Heidi Hutchinson

The Northern District of NY Department of “Justice” and the State of New York may be impeding prosecution of some crimes due to jurisdiction.

A factor which is possibly hindering the Eastern District of New York  – in obtaining justice-serving plea deals – is that the defense sharks are not satiated as much as Bronfmanly possible.

The defendants otherwise might have finally confronted the reality – that despite many of their true crimes potentially going unindicted – due to the utter, filthy corruption of the districts in which they were committed; what they HAVE been charged with is plenty enough for all of them to earn a 25 year prison sentence under RICO.

Meantime, Frank must concern himself with defending his own case – for far, far less alleged financial offenses.  Even if he were guilty, which he isn’t — he has been charged – which is probably exactly the intended effect prosecutors in the Western District of New York Department of “Justice” hoped to have on the outspoken, prolific investigative, political journalist — Frank Parlato,

Though they were not in contact – Frank, through his investigative journalism, did assist in first reporting many crimes that the EDNY DOJ later charged in Nxivm indictments.

It was Frank who put together the initial evidence package (with some help, I understand) that Catherine Oxenberg took to law enforcement.

If it was not for Frank Parlato, Keith Alan Raniere may well have permanently escaped in Mexico. Frank first reported their exact whereabouts, notwithstanding reports that KAR was “entrapped” not only by Nicki Clyne’s Instagram, but by Mexican NX “traitors”, and/or their US advisers, such as Dennis Burke.

It may have been Frank who, through his Mexican sources and evidence collection, convinced them to turn Keith Alan over “to take the sure fall”.

Point being, I’m sure intelligent contributions from readers are welcome to give Frank time to focus on what should be a major priority for him — as much as Frank Report and continuing to get to the bottom of the Nxivm case is, as well.

I’m going to attempt some more posts myself at Frank’s invitation, and though I eschew conjecture, I’m certain, regardless of what I don’t know about NX — which is a lot more than I do — we can do a little better on here than the banal bullshit Bangkookery provides, which I can’t barely even bear to read.

Thank God for Klaviger.

Btw, I can’t tell you a lot about Gina’s death just yet – as it is under investigation – so how about some story ideas or questions from readers to inspire me and other hopeful contributors?

Thanks Nice Guy for the good read, nice.

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  • Heidi I would like to thank you for your continued contributions to this blog and it warms my heart to see how worried you are about Frank. These people who continue to try and discredit you are only showing what’s lacking in their own character.

    • Anyone who has had direct dealings with Penza knows she’s a force to be reckoned with.

      Heidi, a great story would be to post and analyze the recent 40 page memorandum where Penza details 9 categories of as yet uncharged criminal conduct committed by the defendants. If I recall correctly this motion was in support of Penza’s objection that the non DOS defendants trials be severed. Penza’s position being wait – no, this is a a criminal enterprise and here’s 9 more reasons why that need to be admitted as evidence.

      • Great idea! I’ve got a piece in the works already today if you want to give that one a go yourself, I can get to that later in the week if not.

  • I’ll be away for a bit and probably won’t post for a little while.

    I truly hate to deprive y’all of my presence since you’ll now likely be reading nothing but ‘cheerleader’ bullshit from Frank, Claviger and Heidi who only post “puff pieces” about the prosecution (with their noses turning brown from kissing Penza’s butt so often).

    It’s a shame that they’ve largely been reduced to being sycophants and cheerleaders.

    I shall return to resume my OBJECTIVE posting asap. Hopefully others will step up to post OBJECTIVE articles which don’t just kiss the prosecution’s butt 24/7. 🙂

    • It seeks attention.

      What annoys me is IT chose Murray Head”s one and only hit as it’s alias.
      One Night In Bangk9k is one of my fav songs that I rock out to.
      Couldn’t IT have chosen something say,, from gangsta rap instead?
      Just sayin’.

  • Frank has done a great job. I believe in the efficacy of this website. The Frankreport has accomplished an immense amount of good and I hope it will continue to do so. It would be an honor to contribute and it would be time well spent.

    Thank god for KR is right.

    “Your call to arms will not go unheeded” Heidi. I always wanted to use that line.

    I have been planning on writing something meaningful and well written for sometime.

    I will try and get something done tomorrow and submit it.

    I hope any good intelligent person reading this comment does the same.

    I believe that the Frankreport can still do more good. Unfortunately just because Keith Raniere sits in jail awaiting trial does not mean the story is over. There are many victims and people surrounding the overall NXIVM story that need help and hope. I am not being overly dramatic it is the truth.

  • Great article.

    I learned so much reading it. What great insight.

    Oh wait. Not much insight at all. 🙂

    Seriously though, let’s stop the “tribalism” which seems to be advocated in this article.

    Trying to get people to play on a particular ‘team’ and hate those with a different perspective is kinda anti-free speech and kinda childish, IMO.

    You shouldn’t let your bias against a particular poster dictate who should write articles here.

    You recently told ShadowState that his bias and feelings interfere with his writing about Allison. Well, it looks like you might wanna take your own advice with regard to your own feelings about other posters who shall remain nameless.

    Let’s not make this a ‘high school’ atmosphere, which seems the opposite of what Frank wants here.

    With all due respect about the “banal bullshit” remark, you’re the one who spent weeks claiming bullshit fairy tales about Bangkok being Burke or the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Thus, it’s ironic that you now attempt to claim a sense of righteousness and virtue. You’re no better than anybody else here. We’re all the same. Let’s stop the tribalism and just be civil.

    • You throw out 10 insults in a peace treaty? Sorry, but that IS retarded.

      I don’t really care who you are, Bangkook.

      I care that your words are often untrue and intentionally hurtful to FR readers — especially NX victims and in my view most former and current NX members are just that.

      I care that between you and Scott Johnson, if you’re not one in the same, you are also hurting Frank Parlato and his publishing partners by association in the eyes of the justice system in which they are currently entangled.

      Insulting Moira Penza on here, as you repeatedly do — a woman who could maybe help Frank and Chitra and who is helping tens of thousands by prosecuting NX leaders against hundreds of millions of dollars in legal defense influence — is beyond retarded.

      Change that “THE Retard” monicker to “brain dead,” Schlock. Yes, THE is a recent clue connecting you to Scott Johnson but it doesn’t rule out Jeff Peterson and others who know Dennis Burke’s writing and have identified his posts. Indeed, Burke could be trying to throw us off his scent disguised as the second smelliest asshole on here.

      Many past FR readers and commenters of actual high value to FR have jumped ship because of your yes, banal bullshit. They are sorely missed.

      I nearly jumped ship myself many times but Frank talked me back and I understand why he’s putting up with you.

      No peace treaty. You bullshit, I smell it, I’m calling it. You insult, I serve you a banquet full of your own medicine.

      Want peace? Don’t provoke war.

    • If your attempt wasn’t so pathetic, I would say good try on the virtue signalling call for civility when you the least civil of all. You might be able to pull it off had you posted with the slightest bit of intelligence instead of your usual insults. You are making it a high school atmosphere here, regardless of how many different aliases you are doing it under.
      As long as Frank is leaving good people like Heidi open to abuse from that moron, I wouldn’t expect too many intelligent people to be lining up to be targets.

      • Frank tells me the reason he is allowing Bangkok, etc. to post is to catch him at slander if he’s Dennis Burke (as Jeff Peterson claims) or a NX Troll.

        I’m only trying to accentuate the positive if the negative cannot be eliminated. This Bangkook poster is, unfortunately, hurting Frank more than anyone else bc it reflects poorly on him at a time when he’s already entangled with the DOJ. But, again, Frank says it’s a calculated risk for the cause.

        Lately, I’ve begun to suspect Bangkok is Scott Johnson using a second device, different VPN. I still agree with Peterson that Deeznuts is Burke bc Scott kisses Jeff Peterson’s ass where Deez slanders him.

        Maybe Schlock’s found a way to keep schlocking and fend off intelligent “competition, by, as you observe, insulting them away.

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