Bangkok: Allison Mack has nothing left but NXIVM – and won’t give that up for a plea deal

By One night in Bangkok

With regard to Allison Mack not taking a plea deal, it has nothing to do with Keith ‘controlling’ her.

That’s way too simple of an explanation and doesn’t give Allison enough credit as a human being, even if she’s a small brained human being.

Keith likely does control her to some degree still, but that’s NOT the reason she’s balking at a plea deal.

Allison was a TV star.

Allison was very rich at one time.

Allison had fame, fortune and adoring fans showering her with attention.

Allison had the life that most girls dream about.

However… Regardless of WHY she chose to join NXIVM and give all that up, the REAL POINT is that her fame and fortune are a thing of the past and are NEVER coming back.

In essence, Allison SACRIFICED her entire life for the ‘status’ bestowed upon her at NXIVM. The ‘price’ she paid for this ‘status’ was her TV career, her fame, her money, her endorsements and her respectable Hollywood friends.

The reason Allison didn’t take a plea deal is because all her chips were ALREADY pushed into the pot long before her indictment came. Once a person is “ALL-IN” (in poker) there’s no backing out.

The VERY MOMENT she gave up her fame and fortune (to NXIVM) she essentially became “ALL-IN” at that moment, or in other words, she pushed all her chips into the pot and her fate became tied to Keith and NXIVM’s fate.

This isn’t true with the other defendants, who were mostly just “broke” and “unknown” losers before joining NXIVM and didn’t sacrifice much for their status (other than wasted time). That’s precisely why the government will have an easier time flipping Lauren compared to Allison.

FACT: Even if Keith didn’t control her anymore, Allison would still be ALL-IN and her fate would still be tied to NXIVM’s fate.

NXIVM may be lying in ruins right now but it’s still the ONLY thing she has left which gives her any type of status in this world. I also suspect that Allison believes she’ll be financially taken care of forever by NXIVM benefactors, if she stands by Vanguard.

There’s still an ‘upside’ for Allison.

If she gets convicted of the lesser charges (not the sex slave charges) she’ll only be facing around 3 years in prison according to sentencing guidelines, which she’ll gladly endure for the privilege of not throwing away the only thing that gives her status in this world —- NXIVM and its wealthy benefactors.

What about cutting a plea deal, doing minor prison time and then marrying a wealthy guy?

I doubt that any wealthy guy would wish to marry such a high profile “ex sex slaver” since who would want their future kids to have a mom that did prison time for being a sex slaver?

Plus her cankles are disgusting and no wealthy guy would want her, especially after her TV fame is gone.

She needs to Google “ankle liposuction” or “cankle reduction surgery” ASAP.

Fact: Allie DOES have control over her fat cankles BECAUSE liposuction surgery is available for cankle reduction. Try googling “Cankle Reduction Surgery” or “Ankle Liposuction”.

As an aside… I’ve never seen Heidi, nor any other woman, argue against the 1,000,000+ Tweets attempting to body shame the president, LOL, nor any other male figure.

Nor have I seen any woman on this site argue against the many comments on this blog which body shame Keith Raniere and his pudgy/fat body, along with his limp & flaccid noodle.

Thus, what’s fair for men should be equally fair for women since I believe in equality between men and women.

If we take Heidi’s logic to its ultimate conclusion, she’s ‘implying’ that women are too mentally fragile to receive criticism about their bodies but men are not mentally fragile. Thus, she’s actually implying that men are mentally stronger than women which is the opposite of true equality.

Methinks the same rules should apply between men and women.

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  • What is your obsession with Allison Mack’s “cankles”? Whatever offences she may or may not have committed are totally unrelated to her physical appearance. Claiming that it’s part of some campaign to treat men and women equally is just disingenuous.

  • You had me til cankles. Would love to see more at least a little more newsy takedowns.

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