Former Cult Member: Will Clare keep the Nxivm fires burning?

By G., a former cult member [not Nxivm] 

I can only tell you my experience, nothing more. The Internet has made it fairly easy to keep track of those I once knew in the cult I was in.

Most, if not all, of those who had leadership roles are still there, at the main campus still in authority, and the others, who broke away, started their own groups, teaching the same lies, scamming people as usual.

Many “believers” followed them when they left, while the more hardcore remained on, and/or live close to the main campus. But this happened within a year after the founder’s death and jockeying for power happened. Many thought they had paid their dues and now wanted their just desserts.

Keep in mind, though, their sole livelihood was the ministry where, just as Kristin Kreuk has a career outside of NXIVM and, unlike Scientology, NXIVM has no relationship with Hollywood.

One can readily see Kreuk is doing all she can to distance herself from NXIVM.  Notice how quickly Lauren Salzman knew Allison was more susceptible to love bombing. Mommy Nancy taught her well.

My money would be on Clare doing such. Outside of NXIVM, Clare has not made her mark in the world, either scholarly, nor in dressage. She has no gold, silver or bronze medals.

I often wonder if she knows Peter Van Guysling or Mia Nielsen and, if so, what opinion they have of her horsemanship.  Clare doesn’t even have a GED!

In fact, I have a bet with someone that Clare has enough money, enough tentacles out there, that she could readily find someone to bypass the ankle monitor and whisk herself away via a private jet to some non-extraditing country ala Roman Polanski or to her resort in Fiji.

It’s said she has 200 million left. More than enough to live on.

So, speculation only, my money is on Clare keeping the NXIVM fires burning, if at all.

Then, again, the idle rich can use money to erase their past so easily.

All NXIVM was/is, in my opinion, when it comes to the Bronfman’s, was to prove to their father, and relatives, that they were movers and shakers among the best.

I am a tad wordy in responding. My apologies but, you see, this cult thing is a complex issue.

I know what I know – having been in one for a length of time and hung around with two other “famous” cults and read every paper, every tome, anything I could get my hands on over many years time.  Hindsight is 20/20.

See, it is true we go from one cult to the next, though I was only an observer of the other two, yet over many years time.  In fact, one of them, the state head quarters, is just 2 miles down the road I live on.


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