Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian taxpayer-funded actress, who served as a Nxivm coach.

Guest View: Kristin Kreuk never left Nxivm

By Meh

In a post, Leon Festinger asked the question: “My mind turns to Ms Kristin Kreuk and things people have written here on Frank Report. If she was so deep into NXIVM, could she still be a part of the group but be able to hide it? Could she be seen as the leader of a rebuild in the future? I was just wondering if this seems feasible to you.”

She was in just as deep as the cunt [Allison Mack] she recruited. The things Frank Report posters say about Kreuk is applicable to Mack. They both knew about financial crimes and the pedophilia of their beloved Keith Raniere.

How could Allison Mack go from thinking she was in a “self help group” then overnight a sex-slaver who brands women? She didn’t. She first had to know other things… and not care. Just like Kristin Kreuk, who moved full time to Toronto for filming in 2013 and pretends she left the cult.

She didn’t leave the cult.

Ask anyone from the Vancouver branch if she actually quit. It was only after the world press were talking about NXISCUM in 2017 that she decided she didn’t want to be publicly associated with the cult. The press could of and should of gone after the cult, Kreuk and Mack all the way back in 2012.

The press didn’t and Kreuk and Mack didn’t care, as there was no effect on them. The press can still talk about Kreuk true role.

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  • Kristin dumped NXIVM, as did many celebs. Unfortunately Allison did not follow Kristin, she may have avoided this whole situation.

    • Fuck off “sultan”. You don’t have a fucking clue. An IP check would prove that you are the same person under many many many aliases. Even if you post at work and at home, your general area will show up.

      • Lol…you are so wrong you don’t even know how so wrong you are. Go home and clean your brain with soap. Very foul….sad.
        Boy, Sultan, the Kristin bashers have you living rent free in their minds…lol You can park a 18 wheeler in there. Lol

        • Real Sultan here.

          Yeah, these people are crazy. No matter what you say they’re going to think you are me.

          If I’m obsessed with Kristin it’s because she’s a doll. These people are obsessed in a decrepit way.

          • …Sultan, it just amazes me that Kristin just has the inner strength to ignore these online attacks.
            She just works on her career and it is so great that her new series is getting great reviews.
            I am so glad she is doing so well. She seems to be a really smart woman…not just a gorgeous one.

            Defending her here seems just the right thing to do. It’s great to see others have the same drive
            to protect Kristin from online bullies.

          • Go choke on a mouthful of bacon you actual shit skin paki cunt. Kreuk, just like anyone else who has read your autistic bullshit, would think you are worthless. Truly worthless. If you killed yourself in front of her, she would not give a shit. Go get some lube and fuck allah up the ass. Oh wait, that cunt don’t exist. Jack off to the quran instead.

          • To “Anonymous for Kristin :):”

            –Defending her here seems just the right thing to do. It’s great to see others have the same drive
            to protect Kristin from online bullies.

            It’s unfortunate that her involvement in NXIVM rooted on good intentions gave these haters an additional excuse to pile their filth on top of her.

            This person is a cray-cray troll and psychological studies have been done to show that such people have much higher markers of sociopathy, narcissism, and sadism than normal people. I’m sure their behavior must also be really baffling to other people who are even keel. It is ironic that they think that projecting their own craziness onto others by calling them mental – as in my case when they say I suffer from aspergers or autism – mocking their physicality, origins, beliefs, way of life, etc., and just being outright crass and vile in their comments, actually does anything to make whatever case they’re trying to prove stronger, when it just serves to only reinforce their own craziness. It also relieves nothing of their own inner turmoil as they just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

            But then again, maybe they just get some sick satisfaction from trolling.

            The truth may be that she might not even know what is said here, and she really should not care about it. But if she did know about it, I could only imagine that it would be pretty scary to her. If I was a female like Kristin I would fear people who display such hatred to me online getting within a thousand foot radius of me in real life.

          • No dickhead, bashing YOU. You are that much of a stalker loser, even when someone is calling YOU a cunt, you still have to bring up this woman.

          • SOS, agreed this Kristin basher defintley has low people skills. Sadism to this individual seems
            almost excessive. Vile details that this basher displays seems common place in his and her thoughts.
            Notice this person needs to make things personal attacks to make any point. Sad. Needs help.
            I am sure Kristin’s lawyers can monitor such folks. I would not be surprised if Law enforcement
            has looked at these folks themselves.

            Any threat of personal attack may have to be looked at.

          • Lol rent free with flat screen Tv in a Kristin brasher’s mind…hee, hee.
            You really need to take a nap…really up tight. Your blood pressure must be really high.

          • Kristin bashers can’t stop using the same sad foul mouth playbook talkin points…..sad.

        • You could park an 18 wheeler in your dead mommas corpse after the bitch shit you out you walking rambling turd.

          • Kristin basher, using violent imagery now…with foul words, hoping to intimidate and show
            toughness. Not realizing hurting their own credibility. One wonders how this individual deals with
            everyday stress with others with thoughts like these. Sad.

  • Kristin dumped the cult…as did Goldie Hawn, Grace Park, and a ton other folks…What really happend after DOS rose to power is when criminal charges where brought up to the leaders. There were many victims from this cult. Kristin is one of them..losing time and money to these NXIVM folks. Unfortunately there are folks out there who attack Kristin for personal reasons…and this situation just give these thugs more ammo to attack her. This all goes back to her show Smallville when she got the female lead….. these folks just went nuts and
    from forum to forum…they continued to attack her. Fortunately Kristin has millions of fans, and will continue to support and defend her.
    Kristin has always has a good reputation with friends and co workers. She does not even try to defend herself from these personal attacks on line. She is just that kind of person I guess. As far as Ally Mack is concerned…it is sad she stayed with NVIXM, but she is a adult. She chose her path to stay, even when Kristin left to Vancouver to produce TV shows. She could have gone with Kristin and worked on her acting career more, but this was not meant to be.

    • Fuck off “sultan”. You don’t have a fucking clue. An IP check would prove that you are the same person under many many many aliases. Even if you post at work and at home, your general area will show up.

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